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The “Humans of Madagascar” Project

By Joey Ayoub

I’m happy to say that the “Humans of Madagascar” project has been passed on to Lalah Ariniaina who is now responsible for the page and project.

I started the page on the 3rd of June as part of the whole “Humans of” projects that have went viral recently. I traveled to Madagascar last summer and wanted to share some of the photographs I had taken while there. It took some time to search for a Malagasy citizen to take over as I, being in Lebanon, couldn’t post any recent photographs and was worried that the initial goal of the project, to “Capture Madagascar in all its beauty and diversity by showing its citizens or inhabitants”, would be lost eventually.

I can now go back to dear old “Humans of Lebanon” with my fellow administrator Mher Krikorian.

If you like the idea of “Humans of Madagascar” and/or “Humans of Lebanon”, please consider liking the pages and sharing the photographs you like. So far it’s the only way to support the project .

Humans of Madagascar

Humans of Lebanon

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