“Rue à caractère traditionnel”

By Sari Hawa


This article is somehow related to the few articles Joey wrote recently about the Phoenician site destruction, the Karantina slaughterhouse visit, and the debate with the Minister of Agriculture.

This article is also based on the previous image.


One morning, I was walking in Gemmayze, and I saw this just after “Paul”. I found the building incredible, but I had no camera on me, so I came back the next day, and I took this picture.

I think this view sends a very loud and clear message to all of us. It talks about a beautiful past. It talks about destruction. It talks about a troubled present.

I won’t say much; the picture is really worth a thousand words.

What are we doing with this country? What are we doing to make Lebanon the “Suissra el share’ ” it once was?

When are we going to stop fucking around and do something valuable? When are we going to put our political bullshit aside in order to fix the many problems we have? When are we going to realize that most politicians (if not all of them) are a bunch of incompetents?

A couple of years ago, Joey and I were talking about the whole situation we have in Lebanon, and we concluded our discussion with this sentence: “La rue de Gemmayze est la preuve que le Liban est beau, que le Liban est en destruction, et que les libanais s’en foutent”.
“Gemmayze street is proof that Lebanon is beautiful, that Lebanon is being destroyed and that the Lebanese don’t give a damn”

I still think this is true.

I wonder if things will change…”

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