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The Article with no name

By Sari Hawa.

(I really don’t know what to call the article)

I haven’t written anything for quite a while. Why? No specific reason. I was in my head for all this time. In my Head, in my Life, in my World.

Asking myself questions, looking for answers. Discovering, learning, failing, learning, discovering, experimenting, learning, reading, trying, learning.

Why did I do this? An experiment. I was experimenting. (I still am). This thing I experience every second of my Being, this is my life. I am able to do whatever I want with this little piece of whatever it is.

I can try to fly. I can snort cocaine. I can go out on the street and stab a man with a kitchen knife. I can read a book. I can paint a wall. I can call a friend. I can go clubbing. I can eat a hamburger. I can go to sleep. I can have sex with a man. I can have sex with a woman. I can have sex with both (at the same time). I can show my naked body to everyone. I can clean my kitchen. I can do my homework.

I can get a degree. I can find a job. I can work hard. I can get paid. I can get laid. I can quit my job.

I can do whatever the f*** I want with this little piece of Life that happens and seems to be controlled by my conscious brain.

I am Free. This overused word has become cheap and stupid. But it isn’t. I am part of this World, and this World is me, and I am Free.

We are Free. We are Free, and this Freedom is not “skin-deep, teenage crisis” free. It is Freedom that concerns every cell of our body.

So what do we do with this Freedom? In my opinion, we become Happy. We search for Happiness. We do everything and anything we want to be Happy. Profoundly, Blissfully, Simply Happy.

What’s my point? I don’t know if I even have one.

We have no limits. We have absolutely no limits. The only limits are self-built. They only exist in our minds. There are no real limits.

There is no truth neither.

But again, there are no limits. Our societies, our governments, our religions. Those are only limits in our heads. We choose our own limits, and these limits disappear if I want them to do so.

Start Living.

Start experimenting. Dig deep into your heart and being, and you’ll probably start finding interesting stuff. Perhaps Simple stuff. Beautiful stuff.

N.B That’s just how I feel, quite deeply actually. If you don’t agree, it’s Okay. Just move on with your lifeā€¦

6 Responses to “The Article with no name”

  1. Ray.

    Interesting ‘stream of consciousness’ posting, Sari. You certainly are free to lie down with whomever you want, although I honestly hope you don’t murder the first poor bastard you come across afterwards. That form of freedom might appeal to those who misunderstand Friedrich Nietzsche, but it has its limits, even if you don’t. And don’t forget, before you get to do all you plan to do with the freedom you value so much, some sicko may attack you with a knife, in a perfectly random way, after he’s snorted a few lines of cocain, slept with a man and a woman, done his homework and cleaned the kitchen. I can see the headlines now – “Promising Young Romantic Knifed By Naked House Painter.” ‘It was completely arbitrary,’ says witness. ‘The kid didn’t stand a chance.’

    A would-be libertine like yourself might enjoy a great book I read many years ago in outback Australia. It’s by Nikos Kazantzakis, and it’s called Zorba the Greek. He lived and loved the way all of us should, but few of us ever do – alas.

    • HummusForThought

      Hey Ray,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m a 100% percent with you on all this. I also love the way you said it. I just wrote this to avoid getting into the “good/evil” philosophy, which is much more delicate in my opinion.
      + I would add that what follows these examples makes my point a bit clearer, right? Talking about beauty, simplicity, etc… I doubt those feelings might inspire murder (well, in my opinion at least).

      Thank you for the book recommendation, I’ll definitely keep it in mind and try to read it asap!

      Again, I’m a 100% on your side.


      • Ray.

        I hope you manage to track down a battered old copy of Zorba – it’s well worth a read. And I understand why you’d prefer to keep the philosophy of good and evil out of any conversation about the joys of freedom – it can sort of cramp your style. But the annoying thing about freedom is this – it’s as messy and impure as we are. In other words, all definitions of freedom, particularly ‘personal’ freedom, are indelibly tied to our definition of man. And if he’s a bit of a mixed blessing, then so too is everything associated with him (other than his children, of course).

        I guess what I’m saying is this – if a man isn’t at least capable of murdering another, he’s not really free to love another. The option of evil needs to exist if the choice of doing good is to have any meaning at all. I mean, where’s the value in virtue if the temptation to indulge in a little vice isn’t also open to us?

        I’d better stop now, before I overindulge the vice of speaking too much. (Don’t all good men have their vices?) Enjoy your love-making, Sari. We only live once.

        • HummusForThought

          I think we’re more or less saying the same thing. This is why I suggested killing or love-making in the first place.

          Anyway, as you said, we’d better stop here. Let’s hope we’ll get to talk about this one day!

          Thanks again for your comments!



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