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Sit-in in Support of Gaza in AUB and LAU

by Joey Ayoub
Students from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) have each staged sit-ins in support of the murdered children of Gaza. I have participated in the AUB one and here is a shot of the sit-in taken by myself. It happened around 40 minutes ago (Noon, Lebanese Time). I’ll share the LAU one once someone sends it to me.

Feel free to use the picture as you wish.


  1. Mohey Saleh says:

    That’s great and I really appreciate the spirit and the support. But I’m just wondering, how did these sit-ins help the people in Gaza? I think the people in Gaza need effective help like aid, money, food, etc. more than symbolic sit-ins!

  2. […] Because we let numerous Gaza massacres come without us even organizing a simple minute of silence on campus – unlike what LAU-Beitut and AUB did, […]

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