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Month: December 2012


Risking your life on Christmas Day

This is the 3rd time we receive photographic evidence of a migrant worker risking her life to clean a window.


‘I Have a Dream for Justice in Lebanon’

This video will help you to understand the slavery-like conditions that they are currently subjected to under the sponsorship system.


Short comment on today’s school massacre

No one can ever justify what happened in the US today.


Tribute to Beirut Jam Sessions

Of all the interesting projects born out of Beirut’s recent burst of creativity, few come close to being as groovy as Beirut Jam Sessions.


Celebrating one year of HummusForThought

We just wanted to thank everyone for the support you’ve shown for our blog. We’ve had 5,352 unique visitors per month on average and our first goal is to reach 100,000 per month. Thanks again and don’t forget that everything we do is under a Creative Commons license. You can

Day 4 -13

On Poverty

Men and women of substance agree that until we murder poverty, Humanity remains a lie. I am disgusted – and I wish to make that clear – ┬áby the men and women who glorify poverty by highlighting the supposed purity of that state of pseudo-existence. I’ve never seen these low-lives

Day 4 -10

On the Road

I don’t really remember why I went to Madagascar. I doubt that my reasons were particularly interesting (or even relevant) to what moved me and changed me and destroyed me while there. I have thought long and hard about this. And for whatever the little secret silences that separate the

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