A politically incorrect blog by Joey Ayoub

About Hummus For Thought

[This page is being renovated]

Originally created by both Joey Ayoub (جووي ايوب) and Sari Hawa (سري حوا) and now run by Joey, HummusForThought is an e-space that explores Socio-Cultural issues with a focus on Lebanon and the Middle East.

So hello, my name is Joey.

I am a blogger, wanderluster, amateur photographer and aspiring writer.

In addition to what you see here, I write for GlobalVoicesOnline and Al Monitor’s Lebanon Pulse.

I have also written for the International Political Forum, MashallahNews, NOWLebanon, Your Middle East and have co-founded the “Humans of Lebanon” and “Humans of Madagascar” projects.

Aaaaaand I’m also on Twitter (follow me and I’ll send you a picture of a cookie), Facebook, CowBird and a proud member of the World Wildlife Fund’s Volunteer Team.

Hummus For Thought is financed through whatever money I manage to make on the side. I’m working on making a donation process available for those of you who wish to donate (PayPal isn’t available for us poor Lebanese).  

For comments, compliments, insults and whatnot please contact me on Joey[at]Ayoub[dot]ch

Thank you.

Mischief Managed.

Logo designed by Ralph Abou Raad
Photo background: Edward Said (L), Marcel Khalife (M) and Mahmoud Darwish (R).

14 Responses to “About Hummus For Thought”

  1. Tarig Anter

    You got an attractive blog. Sure I will be a regular visitor.
    Thanks a lot for your invitation for allowing me to re-post your articles.
    Your site is rich and I will go and read it thoroughly.
    The WordPress default contact form is very helpful, easier and safer from displaying your email addresses publicly, and avoiding spam. You may edit this page by adding the form and hiding your email addresses.

  2. Mona

    Joey, I like a lot of the stuff you post. However, I’ve noticed you use the word ‘retarded’ quite a lot. I find that surprizing coming from someone who is otherwise very socially/politically correct.

  3. Stephanie R.

    I like your blog and love your enthusiasm to do well! :) We need more people like you. I myself am a member of several NGOs, mostly animal and environmental activists. I travel a lot and my next mission is WWF training :) Keep it up!

  4. Cantar Kidar Cune

    than you joey how to published the article”s about history

  5. Robert Kraljii

    great site. you are a fine writer and an honourable debater. and bravo to you for keeping calm when hit with racsist nonsense. So much of it you just let pass, not taking the bait, and redirecting to facts instead.

  6. Gabriela

    Great! You’ve traveled to Peru, my country. I hope you liked it!
    I’ve read, and translated into Spanish, many of your posts on GV.
    Best wishes from Lima. :D

    • HummusForThought

      Peru is my favorite country so far :) I had an unhealthy obsession with the Inca empire so going to Cuzco-Sacred Valley was a dream come true.

      And thank you for the translations !


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