A politically incorrect blog by Joey Ayoub (Under Renovation)


Have a story to tell? Thoughts on local or world affairs? A cultural event to share? Or simply something you feel needs to get out?

We’re not very strict and can even help you improve your piece if you think it’s incomplete.

So if you’re interested, please contact either Joey or Sari with the subject of your email being: “Guest Author”

Rules: No Hate

So far our guest authors have been:

Karl Mattar, Lebanon (Contact):

Budour Hassan, Palestine (Contact):

Sean Ewart, USA (Contact)

Mafoya Dossoumon, Benin (Contact)

Joel Nwokeoma, Nigeria (Contact)

Tatiana Saade, Lebanon (Contact)

Mher Krikorian, Lebanon (Contact)

Manar Younes, Palestine (Contact)

Malek Takieddine, Lebanon

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