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Film Screening of “Beirut” by Rahel Zegeye

Reblogged from Migrant Workers Task Force Rahel Zegeye, an Ethiopian migrant worker, MWTF member, language student, and filmmaker, is proud to be presenting her first feature film with the support of MWTF and AltCity. Join us this Monday 27 Feb at 6.30pm. The film is about an hour and half

Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lila – video

by Joey Ayoub Lila Aacharya left Nepal hoping to make a better life for her two young daughters. Two months later her body was flown home. Lila’s case exposes the toll of human trafficking – from her attempt to escape the poverty of her village in the Himalayan foothills to


Fallujah: A Lost Generation?

By Joey Ayoub This is the trailer to Feurat Alani’s “Iraq: Fallujah’s Sacrificed Children”. Mr. Alani travels to Fallujah unembedded to report on the condition of the city more than six years after it was destroyed by the US military. Watch and Share. Background from TheFallujahProject.org “After the resistance movement

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