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man puts cat in microwave, Lebanon

Hassan Hammoud puts cat in microwave. Do you know him?


An open letter to Marwan Kheireddine

Dear Mr. Kheireddine, I was shocked and saddened to find out that the front cover of “hunting & safari” features none other than you

We support the Animal Welfare law

HummusForThought.com supports The Animal Welfare Law Dear Joey, You certainly featured the work of Animals Lebanon on your website, and I am writing to see if there is a possibility for Hummusforthought.com to support our campaign to enact animal welfare laws. November 24 was an extremely significant day for animals

Nora’s fate tells the story of striped hyenas in Lebanon

Reblogged from BlogBaladi.com We sent our team to the location and explained that we needed to take the hyena for treatment, rushing the animal to a veterinarian where x-rays revealed the extent of her injuries. We were shocked to find that her body was riddled with shot gun pellets. The

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