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Police ignoring a civilian [Audio]

The following is a recording of a call made by a Tripolian man to the police to report armed men blocking the road.

Roula Yaacoub (Facebook)

Protest for Roula

We were around 120-150 people to join the protest calling for justice for Roula on Sunday the 21st of July.


The mask of our democracy is falling: a letter from Brazil

What is happening in Brazil? Why is it happening? Nikas Plaetzer from TruthIsABeaver gives us his perspective.


Human Rights Watch: Lebanese Government must protect Tripoli

“Why do I have the impression that the rest of the country does not realize that Tripoli is part of Lebanon?”


First civil marriage in Lebanon confirmed

It has been confirmed. The first ever civil marriage in lebanon was signed by caretaker interior minister Marwan Charbel.

Dumb guy

The growing need to break the silence

It really does say it all, doesn’t it, when the municipal chief of Dekwaneh cites his personal beliefs to justify the crime of violating the rights of Lebanese citizens, of human beings.

Photo from LeProgres.fr

Homophobia in Lyon

In Lyon. A couple of days ago, we were passing by the Opera where we saw about 250 people protesting the Gay marriage proposition

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