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List of Recycling Centers in Lebanon

Now that Lebanon’s trash crisis is under the spotlight, I want to take advantage of the momentum to remind everyone of easy ways to recycle. For those who were wondering, L’Orient Le Jour published this really useful guide which I’ve taken the liberty to copy below. I am currently preparing an article explaining the situation in

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Jinan Arafat’s Account gets Hacked after publishing Anti-Corruption Message

Lebanese actress and filmmaker Jinan Arafat uploaded a video on her personal Facebook account ranting against Lebanon’s rampant corruption. This video was a response to the ongoing trash disposal problem that has left most of Beirut and Mount Lebanon suffocating. Since July 17th, the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon have

Beirut 20s - 2

Video: Beirut in the 20s

A 1920s French video shows Beirut under the French Mandate.

Screen Shot of one of the leaks

#SaudiCables: What We’re Learning about Lebanon

The #SaudiCables on Lebanon reveal widespread corruption, bribes and repeated moral bankruptcy.


The Cosmic Dome, promoting the love of Astronomy in Lebanon

A digital planetarium that uses the most advanced 360° projection systems hopes to foster a love for Astronomy in Lebanon

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ICRC launches ‘Restoring Family Links’ for Lebanon’s Missing

The Lebanese Red Cross released a video for its Restoring Family Links project to help collect info on Lebanon’s missing


TIMEBOX, an Urban Trail of 20th Century Beirut

Discover an urban trail of early 20th century 3D images on the streets of Beirut.

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