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New exhibit highlights struggle of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage

The ‘Mixed Feelings’ exhibit highlights stories of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage and their daily struggles.

Day 4 -10

On the Road

I don’t really remember why I went to Madagascar. I doubt that my reasons were particularly interesting (or even relevant) to what moved me and changed me and destroyed me while there. I have thought long and hard about this. And for whatever the little secret silences that separate the

With Kristiny. Taken by Hellen.

Breaking the walls

Story from Madagascar N°4. by Joey Hesayne-Ayoub I wanted to break down those walls. We were told in advance what to expect. We were told of the villagers’ customs, beliefs, taboos, and even expectations, in detail. We were told how to act, how to respond, all in the name of ‘cultural

Photo: Night sky in Ambohibola. Taken by myself.

Looking at the Stars

by Joey Hesayne-Ayoub Kristiny seemed to have been naturally drawn towards me, and I towards her. It would take me some time before I really understood why that was the case. All I knew at the time was that she was the 11 year-old daughter of the village president and

Photograph of Antananarivo. Taken by myself

The Child

The following encounter happened over 400 days ago but it was only recently that I found myself capable of talking about it. I had first talked about it on Thursday the 27th of September, 2012 and first wrote about it yesterday. Here it is.


First day in Ambohibola

First day in Ambohibola, Madagascar.

Cover photo of Humans of Madagascar. Taken by myself in Ambohibola

The “Humans of Madagascar” Project

By Joey Ayoub I’m happy to say that the “Humans of Madagascar” project has been passed on to Lalah Ariniaina who is now responsible for the page and project. I started the page on the 3rd of June as part of the whole “Humans of” projects that have went viral

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