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New exhibit highlights struggle of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage

The ‘Mixed Feelings’ exhibit highlights stories of Lebanese of African and Asian heritage and their daily struggles.

Image from the 2013 Workers’ Day Parade and Festival for Migrant Workers

Nine Lebanese Civil Society Organizations condemn expulsion of children of migrant workers

Press Release: 9 Civil Society Organizations condemn decision to not renew residency permits for children of Migrant Workers

Image from the Adlieh Detention Center (Source: CLDH)

The Adlieh Detention Center: A Living Hell

“I fell down on my knees, covering my eyes from the bright sunlight that I didn’t see for 12 months, 12 months! Can you imagine!? And the fresh air.” That’s how one migrant described his release from the General ‘Security’ Detention Center in Adlieh. Barbaric would be an apt description of the Adlieh

A man reacts outside one of two mosques hit by explosions in Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli.

Human Rights Watch’s 2014 Report on Lebanon

Human Rights Watch’s 2014 Global Report was just released. As usual, I’m re-copying the Lebanon section below.

Three three lovely ladies

Racism on Halloween

Three very sophisticated Lebanese women clearly thought this was an appropriate costume for Halloween.


‘I Have a Dream for Justice in Lebanon’

This video will help you to understand the slavery-like conditions that they are currently subjected to under the sponsorship system.


What slavery looks like

by Joey Ayoub This picture was uploaded on the Anti-Racism Movement’s Facebook page by Gary Lian. What more powerful reminder do we need? the conditions that migrant workers have to go through in Lebanon are horrific, barbaric and disgusting. Here is the description: “I took this picture today. It’s the

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