Meeting Gabriela and the Incas

Incan depiction of the Milky, seen in Qorikancha. Taken by Myself.

Arrived in Cuzco. I’m staying in the house of Sra. Gabriela Nishiyama which is located in Ttio La Florida, less than a minute walking from the big Pachacutec Monument, honoring the man who transformed the Kingdom of Cuzco into the Inca Empire in the mid-15th century and had famously ordered the construction of architectural wonders such as Qorikancha, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu.Sra. Gabriela is of Peruvian and Japanese descent and lives in a charmingly unique-looking two-story home of humble means. Among other things, she earns money by hosting tourists such as myself.I was warmly greeted with a cup of Mate de Coca – herbal tea made using raw leaves of the Coca plant.

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Felipe & the Quechua Language

Photo: Quechua women in Cuzco. Taken by myself

Upon arriving at Lima’s Jorge Chavez airport – named after the Franco-Peruvian aviator who died while attempting the first air crossing of the Alps in 1910 – I was greeted by a man called Felipe Morales.

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