A brief reflection on Independence Day

Flag Of Lebanon by HANxOPX

On this day of remembrance, let us shut up for a moment and reflect on its significance. Now, we all have this friend or family member who will complain about how Lebanon isn’t all that independent and we all have that other friend or family member who is already painting his face red, white and […]

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Sit-in in Support of Gaza in AUB and LAU

by Joey Ayoub Students from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) have each staged sit-ins in support of the murdered children of Gaza. I have participated in the AUB one and here is a shot of the sit-in taken by myself. It happened around 40 minutes ago (Noon, Lebanese […]

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ARM: Worker from the Philippines dead

by Joey Ayoub The Anti-Racism Movement shared this on Facebook today: Janice Soriano de Jose, worker from the Philippines, was found dead at the bottom of this building last stormy Sunday. They say she jumped from the 11th floor. We say, we want to see the doctor’s report Now. What kind of investigation takes a […]

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One Racist Conversation

by Joey Ayoub Lady in coffee place in Hamra to some guy, 20 minutes ago: – So should I take the Filipino? – I don’t know is she good? – I think so. Good quality they told me – Better than the Sri Lankan? – Way better quality – Then go for it. Be sure […]

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Reflection on the Bomb and Identity

Scene from the bombing in Achrafieh. Found on the internet.

This is a late but still relevant reflection on the concept of identity in light of last month’s bombing in Achrafieh. In Madagascar, we used names and titles with an ease that can only suggest certainty. We were certain of who we were. We were the Malagasies and the Lebanese and the Norwegian and the […]

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