Christopher Hitchens on Lebanon and Sectarianism [Video]

“Supposed we were to go to Beirut, the pearl of the Levant, the most civilized and beautiful and cultured city of the Middle East and see what happens when, for politicized reasons, a sectarian constitution is in place which says that the president of Lebanon must always be a Maronite Christian, that the speaker of its Parliament must always be a Shi’a, that its vice president must always be a Sunni, that the Druze must have their share and so on.. leaving out at the very bottom I’m afraid such forces as Kurds and Armenians.. by making everyone defined in their citizenship by their faith. Do I need to elaborate what that’s done to retard, to bankrupt, to beggar, to disfigure, and to degrade what could have been an ideally plural and diverse and happy society.”

Christopher Hitchens, IntelligenceSquared Debate, 27,03,2007

Starting at 5:37 and ending at 6:28.



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