Why HFT is Asking for Donations

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Hello everyone!

My name is Joey Ayoub and I run Hummus For Thought, a project born in Lebanon but which also covers Syria and Israel-Palestine, as well as regional and international politics.

Why Patreon?

It’s no secret that working with no funds is very difficult, and I would know as I have been doing this since 2011.

Why 2011? Well, the revolutions across the MENA region motivated me to imagine what I had previously thought to simply be unimaginable. In many ways, there’s a worldview I had pre-2011 and then there’s the one that’s been developing since.

I want to share this with you. By contributing as little as $1 per month you can genuinely help make Hummus For Thought entirely self-sufficient. This would allow me to:

  • Write more articles and essays on Lebanon, Syria, Israel-Palestine as well as regional and international politics.
  • Pay contributors from the region to write articles and essays.
  • Produce free video essays for a wider audience on important topics (and I need to learn so you’ll be helping me find classes and software). Example of inspirations include Nerd Writer, NativLang, LangFocus, Extra Credits, ContraPoints, Pop Culture Detective, Renegade Cut and Lindsay Ellis.
  • Support “Hummus For Thought, the Podcast alongside Sarah Hunaidi
  • Eventually be able to prepare and publish a bilingual English-Arabic book with contributors from the region on the theme of re-imagining the Middle East from an anti-authoritarian, feminist, eco-radical and decolonial perspective.

In addition, patrons will be able to recommend and vote for topics they would like Hummus For Thought to explore.

So if you appreciate the work done so far, please consider donating what you can. If you’ve just heard of Hummus For Thought, please feel free to check the website, Facebook page and Twitter account to see if this is something you’d like to support.

I promise to treat your support with the respect it deserves and work hard to provide more and more critical perspectives.

Thank you for your support,

Joey Ayoub