by Joey Ayoub Lebanon, 1966. I found an old Hachette World Guides on The Middle East from 1966. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the descriptions of Lebanon from that time. This post is the first of many to come. The following are all extracted from the book: Part 1. Geographical […]

The short documentary by Guilhem Bertran and Marc-Antoine Bindler was listed at the “Festival Européen des 4 Ecrans” which took place in Paris from the 18th to the 20th of November 2009 in the category “Un amour de train” (A love of trains). Guilhem Bertrand and Marc-Antoine Bindler are French students in Journalism at l’Institut […]

We have murdered a human being. She didn’t just commit suicide. Every single one of us has now blood on his or her hands. How did we murder Alem Desisa (or Dechasa)? I’ll let the Anti Racism Movement answer this: [Original Post] – [Arabic Version] It’s been always really hard to explain how a girl, a migrant […]

On average, 1 woman dies every month from family violence in Lebanon. To honor their memories and press for the law to protect women from family violence, we will be marching through the neighborhoods of Beirut this Saturday, March 10 starting at 3pm. The event A protective law is our only hope to stop these […]