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Month: January 2012

Lebanon: Nepali suicide last Sunday in Ashrafieh

From Migrant-Rights.org Lebanese news website Elnashra.com reported last Sunday evening that, according to Lebanese security sources, a Nepalese domestic worker hung herself in her employer’s house in Ashrafieh, a Christian suburb of Beirut. Her employers discovered the body hanging on the kitchen balcony. The Lebanese Red Cross and security forces

Beirut death of Nepalese migrant worker Lila – video

by Joey Ayoub Lila Aacharya left Nepal hoping to make a better life for her two young daughters. Two months later her body was flown home. Lila’s case exposes the toll of human trafficking – from her attempt to escape the poverty of her village in the Himalayan foothills to

“Life Bar” Gemmayze asks guests to dress as maids

By Joey Ayoub “This Friday Night, Be Sinkara or Milenga.. Be Soumatra or Domma.. Create your own Maid Costume, Speak Like them and look like a Philippino, Bengladish, Sri Lanka or any maid you want and definitely win 100$ in cash. They do work all the month to get it..

Nora’s fate tells the story of striped hyenas in Lebanon

Reblogged from BlogBaladi.com We sent our team to the location and explained that we needed to take the hyena for treatment, rushing the animal to a veterinarian where x-rays revealed the extent of her injuries. We were shocked to find that her body was riddled with shot gun pellets. The


My Question to Noam Chomsky

by Joey Ayoub I sent an e-mail to Prof. Noam Chomsky almost a year ago on the 28th of March, 2011 and received a reply less than 2 hours later. Dear Prof. Chomsky, First of all, I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done, you’ve really been an eye-opener

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales and Palestine

ByJoey Ayoub I’ve had a discussion with Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, concerning the fact that he was participating in the Israeli Presidential Conference despite the international call of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement. Thought I’d share it with you. I’ll talk more about the Palestinian


Fallujah: A Lost Generation?

By Joey Ayoub This is the trailer to Feurat Alani’s “Iraq: Fallujah’s Sacrificed Children”. Mr. Alani travels to Fallujah unembedded to report on the condition of the city more than six years after it was destroyed by the US military. Watch and Share. Background from TheFallujahProject.org “After the resistance movement

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