Quick Info // ‘Hummus For Thought’ has been my personal blog since 2011 and has changed quite a lot over the years. I’m more active on the Facebook page than I am here. And for the US edition, click here.

Working on turning it into a more developed and collective blog, which is why you’re seeing lots of authors getting published here. It will look less ugly soon.

Background // Originally from some village somewhere in Mount Lebanon, I am currently living in London for my studies. I have been a freelance writer and researcher for most of my adult life which, admittedly, isn’t that long.

Writing // I have been published in a number of publications such as AlJumhuriya.net, Raseef22, Global Voices Online, The New Arab (Al Araby)Pulse Media, IB TimesMiddle East Eye and El Diario and among others. I’m hoping to be published elsewhere as well in the near future. I mostly write on the politics of Lebanon, Syria and Israel-Palestine with a focus on the politics of language and identity, citizen journalism, radical politics and critical theory. I also follow American, British and French politics and I wish to start writing on Environmental issues.

I have been regional editor for  the Middle East and North Africa for Global Voices since August 2016.

Education, Research and Interests // I wrote my MA thesis on ‘Jewish identity and language politics: Hebrew, Yiddish and the contemporary debate on Zionism”. The MA itself was in Cultural Studies and I did it at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. I previously did a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

I’m starting my PhD this September on memory and identity in postwar Lebanon through cinema, also at SOAS. I will be supervised by Gilbert Achcar.

Research Interests include:

  • Gender and Masculinity, Queer Studies
  • Anarchist Modernity
  • Politics of Language, Intersection between Politics and Linguistics
  • Pro-Democracy Movements in Lebanon since 2005
  • The Impact of the Lebanese Civil War on Memory and Identity in Lebanon
  • Lebanon’s different sects
  • The Palestinian Nakba and its consequences
  • Multilingualism, particularly among Jews who migrated to Palestine since 1882
  • Historical tensions between Yiddish and Hebrew among Ashkenazi Jews
  • History of Arab Jews, particularly since 1948
  • The wonderful world of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)
  • Everything Yiddish
  • The Syrian Revolution and Civil War (2011- ) with a focus on civil society and the Local Coordination Committees
  • Studying the works of such Syrian thinkers as Yassin Haj Saleh, Sadiq Jalal al-Azm and Omar Aziz, among others.
  • Middle Eastern cinema, particularly Lebanese, Iranian, Israeli and Palestinian Cinema.
  • Film theory in general, with a soft spot for Japanese and Swedish cinema. Also, Film Noir because I enjoy cheerful stuff.
  • The Arabic and Hebrew renaissance movements (השכלה‎‎/النهضة‎‎)
  • Germanic Studies mixed with a healthy obsession with the Brothers Grimm

Contact // by E-mail at joey[at]ayoub[dot].ch, on Twitter @joeyayoub or via the Facebook page.


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