Hummus For Thought, the Podcast


“Hummus For Thought, the Podcast” is a project by Syrian writer Sarah Hunaidi and Lebanese writer Joey Ayoub.

We will be exploring topics related to our countries as well as reflect on such themes as memory, gender, identity and exile.

We will also be inviting amazing guests to talk about everything from what it means to be a Syrian feminist to how we can build alliances with people who oppose oppression everywhere.

Sound by Ibrahim Youssef, who describes himself as “the hero you need, but not the hero you deserve.” Design by Azza el Masri and music by Tarabeat. Check them out!

You can also find us on Twitter @HummusPodcast.

The podcast is on PocketCasts, SoundCloud, PlayerFM and YouTube. Soon iTunes as well.

For questions, comments and insults – please contact us at HummusForthought [at] Gmail [Dot] Com.

You can also check out our brothers and sisters over at The Irrelevant Arabs podcast.

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I- The Personal as Political

In this first episode, Sarah Hunaidi and Joey Ayoub look at ‘the personal as political’ and reflect on the Syrian revolution, being a migrant or refugee and the right to narrate. Click here for the associated blogpost.

II- Lebanon’s Kafala System

In this second episode, we explore the ‘Kafala’ sponsorship system which governs the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in Lebanon.

To that end, Joey Ayoub went to the Migrant Community Center in Beirut and spoke with Sami, an Ethiopian activist and one of the leaders of Mesewat, a non-governmental, non-religious, non-racial and non-profit solidarity network that supports migrant workers in Lebanon and the Middle East. He also spoke with Alli, a member of the Anti-Racism Movement, a community organiser and a researcher working on anti-discrimination and gender equity initiatives.