Do Not Forget Khader Adnan

By Joey Ayoub

“My dignity is more precious than my food”, said the 33-year old Palestinian man as he now ends his 64th day of Hunger Strike – the longest in Palestinian history – in protest of Israel’s arbitrary detention of him and his fellow citizens.

Khader was arrested by the Israeli Army on the 17th of December as they raided his hometown of Arabba, in the northern West Bank. He was imprisoned without any charge nor any trial after 18 days of torture and humiliation by agents of Israel’s domestic security forces who call it “Administrative detention” – the Orwellian term used to describe this criminal act – and has been in prison since.

Khader Adnan’s story is one that strives to reach the ears of those who have voluntarily shut them in the names of profit, corruption and the rule of force. It is a story taking place in the already tortured Palestine but is one that echoes millions of others around the world. His wife, Randa Adnan, has been desperately trying to get the world’s attention towards the plight of her husband. She calls “upon the rebellious Arab peoples who removed the tyrants, especially our brothers in Egypt, to rise up in support of Sheikh Khader and join him in the battle of dignity”.

Khader, as Gabi Weber for said: listen to the people of conscience everywhere; listen to justice-supporters demanding justice for you and your comrades. Listen to them build bridges of solidarity with you and your comrades in every corner and every location. Listen to them break borders, extend their hands to hold yours. Listen to them come together for you, for every Palestinian prisoner. Listen to them come united for justice, for Palestine. Listen to them say: انا خضر, I am jo soc’ Khader, Khader naiz, 我卡德尔,olen Khader, eu son Khader, saya Khader, Είμαι Καντέρ, 私はKhader午前, मैं कादर हूँ, saya pagi Khader, jestem Khader,estoy Khader, Я Кадер, من خدر, ben Khader. (1)

He will not receive the attention of the mainstream media because his name is not Gilad Shalit. But there is another voice out there, the voice of those who give a damn about humanity.

We stand with you Khader.
We are all Khader Adnan.

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