Alem Desisa, the Ethiopian lady who was abused by Ali Mahfouz, commits suicide today

LBCI reported today that the Ethiopian lady has committed suicide in Deir el Salib. I repeat once more that I, as a Lebanese citizen, want Ali Mahfouz in jail and will not stop before justice is done. It will not stop the daily abuses but it will make it known that the migrant workers that come and work in this country must not be our slaves. For we have slaves and slaves is the only word to describe them. No matter how nice and gentle you are with the migrant worker living in your house, as long as she is not protected by law and as long as she has no voice, she is your slave under the law. And it is time that this racist and disgusting reality disappears.

5 thoughts on “Alem Desisa, the Ethiopian lady who was abused by Ali Mahfouz, commits suicide today

  1. I absolutely agree and I find it utmost appalling to say the least, not to mention, down right disgusting, that the people of Lebanon will not bring this man to justice. Continue to raise your voice, to give a voice to those whom have no voice. Well done.

  2. I AM . irshaid from norway . i just wanna say first that to labnon pepole . and im sure at they will never accpit what ali mahfouz he done with athiopian lady there couse its really haram . and i wanna ask if its happeinds the same with some one from our country there in athiopian . what can we do then . how did ali mahfouz catching the lady from her hair , and another man sitting in the car and he also catching a same lady from her haed as really slaves . whats thats mean . its really democuratic or what can we call thats . and maybe the lady she working to trying to send to her family there in athiopian some money also . as any one who go to work in sudia arabia or in dubai to help our familys . last quastion plaese try to find really answer for me to any one careing about one persons she left her country and then she moveing to the labnon to work and help her kids and her parents too , did she gone and ask him to give her braed or did she stell somthing from any one from lebnon . and im sure right now at lebnon pepole they didnt accpit thats and they will stand behind the athiopian lady . by the way im born in palestine country and im muslime and im liveing here with only black athiopians friends all the times . the same brothers and familys . but i wanna say to ali mahfouz if i were there i will stop him and call the police even if he gone kill me and i will do my best to protect her in my soul . they are really nice pepole . we feel the shame becouse you ali mahfouz

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