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St. Georges Beach Club refuses entry to migrant worker

By Joey Ayoub

Another racist incident was reported by the Anti-Racism Movement in Lebanon.

Al-Akhbar wrote about it here.

We should however note that St. Georges Beach Club is far from being the only one. Two other examples are Riviera and Coral Beach which specifically ban migrant workers from entering. Lazy B has a more humane policy: Migrant workers can enter for free if they don’t swim since they are considered to be helpers of Lazy B customers. If they wish to swim, they are considered to be like any other customer and therefore have to pay.

3 thoughts on “St. Georges Beach Club refuses entry to migrant worker

  1. This is a great step for Lebanon! Me being the son of a migrant worker and having witnessed this BS first hand, seeing this makes me really happy, even though this is still Lebanon and it may not be enforce but this is definitely a great step forward. However I wonder what the penalty for such behavior is? If there is any.

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