Short statement on the Pope’s visit to Lebanon

I am unfortunately unable to finish my article on the moral necessity to denounce the Catholic Church as suggested by the symbolic boycott of the Pope’s visit to Lebanon in September. I am traveling in 3 days and will be unavailable to finish such a demanding task. I was hoping to write a long article condemning the Catholic Church’s various positions on various matters. They are immoral, outdated and in many cases lethal.

I speak of the cover-up of the rape and torture, both physical and psychological, of thousands of children by members of the Catholic clergymen from Poland to Kenya passing by Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Croatia, Great Britain, France, the Philippines and many others. I intend to bring forth the hundreds of cases where the abused victim was not given proper counseling and/or where the rapist or molester was not properly judged. These tragic crimes have led to an immeasurable amount of suffering, some of which led to suicide. In the end, it seemed pathetically obvious that the Church was less concerned with the real suffering of the raped children than preserving the integrity of the rapist’s ‘soul’ and its own reputation.

I speak of the lethal position on condoms that have brought the Catholic Church ridicule in the educated part of the world and success in the impoverished. Its twisted obsession with sex have hindered efforts to reduce the number of children in overpopulated villages, towns and countries, known as family planning, because of its obsession with saying No to condoms. More significantly, its position against condoms have hindered efforts to reduce the incidence of AIDS in uneducated and vulnerable places where their voice is sacred. I speak of a good percentage of the 100 millions+ Roman Catholics of Africa.

I speak of the demonization and constant insulting of Gay men and women for who they are. It is responsible for maintaining outdated homophobia in an age where more and more nations are recognizing the universality of human rights. It has taken part and is taking part in the persecution and suffering of countless of gay men and women for no other reason than their very nature.

I also mention its positions and effects on Stem Cell Research, abortion and women’s health

The goal of the article was to call for the boycott of the Pope’s visit to Lebanon in September. It was to be a symbolic call as expecting it to have a powerful, real life effect seemed naive. I know that he’ll be coming anyway and that thousands will go to him. If anyone is having doubts, I urge you to do some research because the accusations are very severe.

One thought on “Short statement on the Pope’s visit to Lebanon

  1. Thank you for writing this post – it has to be said (for all the child victims and those who are denied condoms to protect themselves and others against HIV/AIDS.. Good luck with your article!

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