Get back in Line

by Guest Author Malek Takieddine

I had a fight today with a well-known Lebanese Member of Parliament at the Heathrow airport in London. I was standing in line ready to board my flight and he just came confidently and overpassed everyone in the queue. The Lebanese MEA employee did not object and, instead, he welcomed the MP like a god to the astonishment of other non-Lebanese ground staff and passengers. I did

not take it lightly and voiced my complaint to the MP without acknowledging that I recognized him. He did not stop and kept moving forward. My voice and anger grew louder and I was ready to rip some flesh with my teeth. He felt “disrespected” and irritated and told me to shut the fuck up (‘sid bouzak’). I was enraged and a loud fight of words and shouting erupted between me, him and his companions which drew the attention of a large crowd.

In the midst of the fight I did not loose sight of the non-Lebanese people witnessing this. I was interested to see their reaction. They were shocked and did not understand why such a chaos erupted out of nowhere.

These non-Lebanese people would never understand. They would never understand that my reaction had nothing to do with the fact that I was overpassed in the queue. They would never understand that my reaction is the result of 30 years of anger building up against what this well-dressed man represents.

These non-Lebanese people would never understand that this “gentleman” they see in his expensive suit, well-groomed hair and business class ticket is nothing but a criminal running loose, a war thug and a thief with his hands deep in the pockets of the Lebanese people.

They would never understand that my anger is the anger of millions of Lebanese people held hostages to an malfunctioning system run by sectarian and illegal politicians.

If the London airport police had interfered in this fight I would have told them that this is a personal matter and they should keep out. I would have explained that this is a revolution in the making and that I am an angry man; a very angry Lebanese who is committed to pursue this fight all the way – that this is a larger fight to put everyone back in line.

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