Civil Marriage in Lebanon [Infographic]

Many, including myself, see Civil Marriage as being Lebanon’s natural next step on its way to becoming a more open, equal and secular society. Nicholas Hayek has provided us with an infographic on Civil Marriage facts in Lebanon that I found interesting. I’ve re-posted it here but you can find the original by clicking on this link.

The recent turmoil regarding the civil marriage has affected the lives of all Lebanese citizens and politicians alike. Shackled between tradition and the needs of modern society, the notion of allowing civil marriage in Lebanon will forever morph the nation into what many hope to be a beginning to the end of sectarian conflicts in the country. Many favoring traditional marriage prefer to do so on the basis of the preservation of the family and its values, knowing that divorce is usually much easier to deal with and therefore paving the way for a society different than what previous generations were brought upon. The topic is still under debate where religious figures struggle to maintain their domination on this sacred bond, leaving the public in an indecisive state yet again. This infographic attempts to tackle the issue from its birth in 1936 to the latest updates through statistics, quotations, polls, and experiences gathered over the course of time. I hope you like it, and please spread the word. Thanks!

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