The Lebanese Brain Drain

Take Back Parliament (TBP)’s expatriate section has released a video detailing the figures behind Lebanon’s infamous flight of civilians.

“The Lebanese people are scattered around the world [On Screen: Central Africa – 68,000] and the Lebanese community is larger abroad than at home. [Northern Africa – 14,000] But how did it all begin? [Scandinavian States – 108,000] Between 1860 and 1914, under Ottoman rule, around 330,000 Lebanese emigrated. [France – 225,000] Between 1945 and 1975, about 185,000 Lebanese emigrated because of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the tense political situation in Lebanon. [Europe – 430,000; Canada – 270,000; USA – 2,300,000] But during the Civil War alone, about 990,000 Lebanese, or about 40% of the population, fled between 1975 and 1990. [Mexico – 240,000; Caribbean Islands – 510,000; Venezuela – 344,000] We all know that expatriation is still ongoing, despite the absence of studies and statistics, because no one cares [Brazil – 5,800,000; Argentina – 1,200,000] Warlords, in times of war and of peace, are driving the Lebanese youth away [Latin America – 8,584,000; Australia – 435,000] And who remains? And who’s responsible? [Saudi Arabia – 120,000] They took your son away, so take your vote away! [Arab World – 265,000] It’s about time that the young expatriates come back to their homeland and live there in dignity [Total – 12,369,000] It’s about time that someone asks about them. It’s really about time.

You can also add them on Skype (vote2013) and join their meeting every Saturday at 6pm Beirut Time, and follow them on Twitter.

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