Homophobia in Lyon

Photo from LeProgres.fr
Photo from LeProgres.fr

In Lyon. A couple of days ago, we were passing by the Opera where we saw about 250 people protesting the Gay marriage proposition, the ‘Marriage pour tous’ law supported by President Hollande and a good deal of the Left. It all felt really aggressive with people waving flags saying ‘all children deserve a father and a mother’ and yelling a bunch of No’s. A few moments later, I heard a loud booing. I didn’t know what it was all about and I resisted the temptation to go find out (trouble was likely if i did). Turns out, they were booing Christiane Taubira, the minister of Justice who supports Gay marriage (Le marriage pour tous).

This comes a few days after between 300,000 and 1,500,000 people (police and organizers figures respectively) protested in the streets of France, against the rights of a sexual minority. As the woman in the linked video says “No to gay marriage! No to adoption by Gay couples! No to assisted reproduction! That’s what we are saying today.”

Things is, I don’t really care if some people are against Gay marriage, or Gay rights in general. No interesting information ever came out of a homophobic person; no relevant fact or rational explanation for his or her position. Never. They are not basing themselves on anything remotely related to reality. What does matter to me is that those people think they are allowed to impose their belief on others. They do so either because they honestly think they are in the right or simply because they think they can.

They claim that Gay adoption would lead to psychological disorders, not knowing or ignoring that Gay adoption already exists in other parts of the world. Did they look at the results? Did they ever talk to people who were adopted by Gay couples? I did, again, nothing they say is remotely related to reality. It is a well-known fact that a myriad of things can cause psychological disorders, from genetics to parental abuse. Yes, beating your son or daughter might lead to his or her having issues growing up and later on. This will be the case whether you’re Straight, Gay, in a relationship or single.

As I said, reason isn’t a big factor that is taken into consideration here. Are they seriously saying that opposing Gay marriage would ensure that every child would have a father and mother? Are they protesting the existence of orphanages? single parents? divorced/separated couples? Do they willingly stop having children for themselves and adopt orphans in order to ensure that orphans deserve what any child deserves: parents? Are they observing every child’s family to ensure that he or she has two competent parents, one male and one female? The answer is no. They don’t do any of these things. But they will go out of their way to oppose children having a loving home if it doesn’t conform to their ‘traditional’ view of things.

I will not go over all of the ‘arguments’ given by those who oppose basic human rights for all human beings. I have done so in the past, again and again.

Here’s the truth. Opposition to Gay rights, aka basic Human Rights, is one of the last strongholds of religiously-based hatred. It is a hatred that loves to oppose human rights and it is spread all over the world; opposition to Gay marriage still happens today even in countries where it is an already established legal reality. This means that people are actually protesting the existence of children adopted by Gay couples, not just preventing it from happening. Would they go out of their way to kidnap these children from their parents?

Fight and protest all you want. It’s happening sooner of later, all you’re doing is postponing it, causing an inexplicable amount of suffering for nothing.

3 thoughts on “Homophobia in Lyon

  1. Wish I could reply in Parseltongue, but anyway I have many gay friends and they’re awsome people, I don’t see any reason not to let them have kids!
    Agree on every word, Joey!

  2. It happened that i was in Lyon some months ago, and there was an anti-gay marriage protest. It was all calm, all peaceful, 22 000 person. At the contrary , aggressiveness came from some fanatic homosexuals who came for trouble, and were evacuated by the police.

    What angers these people now, is that they protested in hundreds of thousands against the law, their president is sinking dangerously in popularity, yet the law was voted, in total disrespect of their opinion. I do understand them.

    Also, the fact that in other countries gay adoption exists: is it really that numerous so one can see what results it did?

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