First civil marriage in Lebanon confirmed

It has been confirmed. The first ever civil marriage in lebanon was signed by caretaker interior minister Marwan Charbel. The lucky couple, Khouloud Succarieh and Nidal Darwish, sets an example for Lebanon to follow. This, I hope, will encourage more couples desiring to get a civil marriage to do so.

“By this, Succariyeh and Darwish’s union becomes the first civil marriage registered in the records of the Directorate General for Personal Affairs in Lebanon,” the National News Agency announced.

However, it seems like getting a civil marriage is still too complicated. Khouloud and Nidal were asked to keep their religions’ official status intact simply because “there are no texts concerning divorce, inheritance and kids for people with no religious affiliations” (quote)

Obtascles still lay ahead. There are those who would do everything to stop sectarianism from unclenching its fists over this country’s progress. I am speaking of Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani in particular – he had issued a fatwa against moves to legalize civil marriage.

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