First steps for Gay Rights in Lebanon

The Lebanese Psychiatric Society has just released a statement saying that Homosexuality is not a mental disorder. The statement reads as follows:

  • “Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and does not need to be treated.”
  • “Homosexuality in itself does not cause any defect in judgment, stability, reliability or social and professional abilities.”
  • “The assumption that homosexuality is a result of disturbances in the family dynamic or unbalanced psychological development is based on wrong information.”

Good News

In a country with a sociocultural makeup like ours where religious conservatism is still quite strong, this is good news. With science’s progress as well as society’s morals, the general opinion in open-minded circles has now accepted, or is starting to accept, the diversity of sexual orientations. This has lead to LGBTs having their basic human rights fully (in a few countries) or partially (in a few more) respected. And it is a good thing that Lebanon is following suit. There will always be those who resist and deny reality, but we will fight them with facts on one hand and a passion for  human rights on the other.

So let’s celebrate this good news and hope that it’ll bring better news in the near future for Lebanon’s LGBT population.

4 thoughts on “First steps for Gay Rights in Lebanon

  1. in israel we have big pride paredes every summer in tel aviv and jerusalem, and few small parades aroung the country, but they still dont get all they’re rights.. they cant get married, and adopting isnt easy for them as well. i have many gay friends, and i wish that one day soon they’ll get all what they deserve 🙂

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