Lebanese homophobes say the darndest things


When reason, logic and actual arguments fail, what can we rely on to maintain our homophobia? Here to help the confused homophobe are a group of Lebanese homophobes – the best kind of homophobes. When the Facebook page “Lebanese Memes” posted an image of Lebanese LGBT NGO “Helem” (Dream in Arabic) at a Gay Pride Parade in Canada, the best kind of homophobes came out to say the darndest things.

The one who threatens, with commas:
Walid Sassia: let them stay abroad ,better for them,

The Statesman:
Bader Samir Bader: It’s not acceptable and unnatural!!

The Landscape Protector
Karim A-w: 5allikon bi canada ma badna hek manazir bi lebnen
“stay in Canada we don’t want such ‘scenery’ in Lebanon”

The Word Inventor:
Hussein Kanaan: All religions forbids gayism yet there are gays in this country

The Word Eater:
Bob Tahan Sti: We dont those people in lebanon

The Political Theorist:
Mohammad Ayoub: Bitch pleaaaase…. first lets accept people from another sect…. ba3daaaaaaaaaain mne7ki 3an l gays wel lesbians
“Bitch please, first let’s accept people from another sect, then let’s talk about gays and lesbians”
(not technically homophobic, still funny)

The one who’s Right or What??????:
Mohammad Ukmn: God said: Adam and Eve … not Adam and Peter !!! right or what ??????

The one who hates Steve:
Rami Sakr: I think it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

The one who is disgusted:
Zainab Omais 3asha Allah araf! Its not acceptable!
“araf = disgusting”

The Islamic Prophet:
Nadim Awd استغفر الله
“literally: I seek forgiveness of Allah”

The Nostradamus:
Sadek Osman: Li 3m ydef3 3anon… nchalah ytla3lo walad mnon. 5alina nchuf chu ya y7ki wa2ta
“Those who are defending them… I hope that you get one of them [as a child], we’ll see who will talk then”

The one who is suspicious:
Ibrahim Bitar Is the admin gay ???? That’s y he wants all of us join the community

The one who doesn’t know it’s 2013:
Omar Take l2n hayda she mano ma2bol be mojtama3na w wala momken ana e2balo w ma 7ada y2ele serna bel 2014 l2n hayda habal ele beshof ta7ador eno ne2bal hek she
“because this is not acceptable in society and never would I accept it and no one tell me that it’s 2014 because this is stupidity and something about civilization and unacceptable again”

The Lebanese-American who is us:
Ibrahim Bitar: I am Lebanese American bass that’s fucked up what u posted that’s not us

The Yayy and NO:
Jad Hamdan Yaaay shoufe ebne kif gay w 3am yemshe bi canada…
Yaaay hayda khaye layko ma ajmalo houwe w gay…
No they cant do whatever they want NO.
“Yayyy look my son is gay and how he’s walking in Canada…
Yayyy that’s my brother look how handsome he is while being gay…”

The Oxygen protector:
Olivier Haddad Saraha masrouf oxygene 3al fadeh
“honestly they’re a waste of oxygen”

22 thoughts on “Lebanese homophobes say the darndest things

  1. Some of those comments just gave me cancer😂 can’t stop laughing.
    It’s also lebanese memes’s fault, let them stick to memes without giving the option for such debates, as it’s not even a debatable topic. Wether they want it or no, we’re a part of the lebanese society

  2. Hi Gino,

    While I agree that the Lebanese society is unfortunately far from accepting people with a different sexuality (or any other non-conforming differences for that matter, be it skin color, religious opinions, etc., but I digress), I still feel that the names should have been redacted. Yes, these people who commented may be bigots, but this shouldn’t open up the door for public stoning.

    Always enjoying your posts.

    1. Hi Carl

      I just copy pasted from the Facebook Page. It’s public and has way more daily viewers than my blog. You can find them on the photo’s link freely insulting Gay people, calling for their deaths or isolation. They don’t mind being bigots because it is not their freedom being denied here. I’d agree if it were on a private page but they didn’t mind writing what they wrote ‘in front’ of 188,000+ fans.

      There’s nothing here that was ‘taken’, I could have copy-pasted the message without the name and still include the source which will lead you to the name anyway. I can’t copy the comments without citing them and linking the original source. I can’t write an article with a sentence like “so this is what some people wrote on one of some page’s photos”. I’d have to link to the photo which, I repeat, is public.

      I don’t see how this has anything with “opening up the door for public stoning”. I’m not calling for anything against them. They’re free to write what they want, and I’m free to write about them. I don’t see how threatening to murder people or isolating them deserves linking to but not copy-pasting.


  3. I wouldn’t blame Lebanese Memes. I know it may seem like there are lots of homophobes out there, but we won’t turn them around without these public discussions , which fb provides a platform for. Without those, there is not even the slightest chance to make them slowly tone it down and reason up.

  4. oh please !!u have all the shit happening in ur country ! everything forbidden by all religions !!! so if u wanna apply religion start by cleaning ur souls hypocrites!! and let everyone does whatever they wannna do ! gay ,straight ..as long as they don’t bother u leave the fuck them alone and fix ur own shit !!!

  5. Im lebanese muslim and as strajght as they come yet you ppl never fail to Amaze me at your ignorance. You have problems with different sects combining same genders msrrying etc . Look at our country where its at. The seperation to each other bc of such petty things and you wanf to relesse your anger and project your own *taboo* tendencies on these ppl whove done nothing to u. Grow the fuck up

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