Police ignoring a civilian [Audio]

The following is a recording of a call made by a Tripolian man to the police to report armed men blocking the road. I couldn't get any background information but I have posted the raw English transcript below. It seems genuine. 

Policeman: 00:14: Allo Tripoli

Caller: 00:16: Greetings

00:16: Yes

00:17: I just want to report a person. 

00:19: What kind of person?

00:20: He’s standing in the middle of Muharram. He’s blocking the road. He’s armed. 

00:23: Where?

00:24: In front of Ayoubi’s paint shop. 

00:27: Where? in Bab el Ramel? 

00:29: Yes, in Muharram. He’s just standing in the middle of the road, blocking it. And he’s asking people where they’re going and coming from. 

00:35: There are about 5-6 people armed 

00:36: There are about 5,000 armed in Tripoli. Okay. Habibi

00:39: but he’s blocking the road!

00:40: Yalla there are about 5000 doing like him.

00:42: Do I shoot? Is that what I’m supposed to do?

00:45: I don’t know. Do whatever you want.

00:47: How is this possible? Are you the government? Who is the government?

00:50: Okay habibi. May God give you strength.

Please don’t hesitate to point out any error. 


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