Scholarships and Grants for Syrians


There is only 6 days left to apply, but this might make a difference in the life of a Syrian student friend of yours.

Announcement Call for Applications for Emergency Scholarships and Grants
For Syrian students
(2013-2014 academic year)

Link to original announcement

Potential participants must:

  • Be a citizen, national or permanent resident qualified to hold a valid passport issued by the State of Syria;
  • Have the refugee status in Lebanon, Turkey or Iraq, or be currently residing in one of these countries;
  • Be at least 18 years old by the time the programme begins
  • Hold a higher secondary certificate
  • Have excellent academic performance
  • Have financial need to continue his/her education
  • Have a strong interest in a professional qualification
  • Have strong motivation to contribute to his/her community

If you meet the above qualifications, you are invited to apply for one of our scholarships enabling you to study in Lebanon, Turkey and in Iraq according to the country where you are now staying.

This scholarship programme is the outcome of joint efforts made by a multi-stake-holders Platform aimed at helping refugee Syrian students to access higher education. This scholarship programme will cover all tuition fees as well as living costs for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

As an indication the following are main partners to this initiative: The League of Arab States; the Council of Europe; the International Institute of Education; a Consortium of Universities and Higher Education Schools; a number of governments, foundations, companies and individuals. The UfM Secretariat has also been providing assistance and advice to this initiative. Moreover, consultations are being held with the Secretariat of the UfM to develop further this initiative.

Application forms must be completed and sent to by 15 SEPTEMBER 2013.

The list of candidates for scholarships in Lithuania and Portugal will be available by 25 September 2013.

We strongly encourage qualified female candidates to apply.

Good luck !

Thank you Jenny Gustafsson for sharing.

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