Hassan Hammoud puts cat in microwave. Do you know him?

man puts cat in microwave, Lebanon

Warning: Let me please start by saying that the video is graphic, so please keep that in mind if you want to watch it.

The cat seemed to have suffered a few (hopefully) minor burns but is not dead. I’ll remove the video as soon as the cat is found. The only reason I’m posting this video is because NGOs are already looking for him to confiscate the cat and get him/her the adequate care. I waited for a few hours before posting anything just because I didn’t want this to turn into some twisted sadistic porn. These things have, as you all know, a way of going viral. I’ve already seen hundreds of people sharing, and posting to BETA’s and Animal Lebanon’s Facebook pages asking them to do something (they are)

If you know where he is please let us know.

Mohammad Jallad and Hassan Hammoud, if you’re reading this, we’re asking you to hand over the cat to NGOs such as Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) (70-248765) and Animals Lebanon (01-751678). Both are very easy to contact and will have someone collect the cat as soon as possible. There isn’t, can’t possible be, any justifications for what you did. It is sick, horrific and just plain wrong. All three of us know that.

Luckily, the cat seemed to have survived. Unluckily, your names are soon going to be – if they aren’t already – associated with sadistic tendencies often found in criminals of the worst kind. I am talking of the notorious connection between the pleasure of inflicting pain on animals and that very same pleasure later felt in the presence of human pain. This isn’t looking very good.

I promise to remove the link to the video (and subsequently to your profile) as well as your names as soon as the cat is given over to the mentioned NGOs. If you prefer to do it privately, my email is joey@ayoub.ch. I’m willing to give you my number so that we can talk about this.

Thank you,
Joey Ayoub

Update: it turns out that Mohammad is the one who was filming, Hassan Hammoud is the man who actually did this. My message is therefore directed to both. I have corrected this in the above post.

Update: I contacted Mohammed and am trying to work out something. I haven’t been able to reach Hassan yet.

Update: The video was removed. I downloaded it in case and will upload it if needed. I got positive updates but we have to wait a bit for things to get clearer.

Update: I found another link to the video.

Update 10/11/13: Hassan released a video ‘apologizing’ for what he did.

I put ‘apologizing’ in quotations because Hassan clearly enjoys the attention. I’ve lost my patience here.

Hassan, we want the cat to be given to an NGO such as Animals Lebanon or BETA. Animals Lebanon has been trying to talk to you for the past two days now and you’ve refused any cooperation. This is not a game, and I couldn’t care less about the thrill you must be feeling now that thousands of people know your name. Do you realize what you’re associated with now? I think this page might give you an idea. Stop the Criminals Mohammad Jallad & Hassan Hammoud – Animals Abusers. That’s who you are right now. 

Not only have you still not given the cat back, but you’re actually uploading the video joking about how the cat is not dead? Well thanks, I’m glad to hear that. You’re still the man who put his own cat in a microwave, and the man who turned on the microwave even after seeing that your cat is trying to escape – you pushed her in. And you did that twice. So no, we don’t care that you feel sorry and we don’t even buy it. Apologizing rarely involves that much smiling.

We’re still waiting for the cat to be returned, and our patience is running out.

Update 11/11/13: Success. The cat is now safe with Animals Lebanon. The man behind the “Stop the criminals” page encouraged Hassan and Mohammed to volunteer for Animals Lebanon to clean their names in exchange for deleting the page. I’d like to thank Nemr Abou Nassar now that I can for his patience in dealing with this situation and for using his name for a good cause. A huge thanks to the NGOs goes without saying.

I’m just going to take the scandal that followed the uploading of the video as a positive sign that Lebanon doesn’t tolerate animal abuse. That this case would serve as a future example is to be hoped and I sincerely believe that it will. Great job everyone and thank you for all your support.

Here is the pic they shared on their Facebook page


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18 thoughts on “Hassan Hammoud puts cat in microwave. Do you know him?

  1. these guys r not humans…they r beasts and cruel….wish there was a law abt this cruelty towards pets nd animals…u did a gr8 job…thank u Joey

  2. How about you post some pictures and screenshots to help us recognize him, or maybe just a sound recording, maybe not everyone wants to watch the video.

      1. No need indeed to watch the video.Exposing publicly the names of animal abusers for the first time on a social media in Lebanon is a big step for animal rights.You deserve all our respect,we animal lovers!

  3. I wonder if it helps to message those 2 unscrupulous men on facebook, to pressure them to surrender the car to an NGO. I just did that, just in case. Thank you Joey for blowing the whistle on those animal abusers.

  4. No wonder that when you visit the perp’s facebook profile, you find it filled with hateful, discriminatory content. The same kind of content that fills the minds of most low-lives in this sad excuse for a country where the average citizen is a full-fledged psychopath.

  5. When that helpless cat put her leg outside the microwave oven to prevent him from closing the door, I felt like someone was ripping my heart off my chest. What the hell is wrong with humanity?

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