Adonis World AIDS Day fundraising concert


Adonis, one of Lebanon’s greatest bands of our generation, will be performing this December the 12th at a fundraiser concert aimed at helping people living with AIDS/HIV

In collaboration with The Lebanese Medical Students International Committee (LeMSIC), Standing Committee On Reproductive Health Including AIDS (SCORA) and Union Pharmaceutique d’Orient, Adonis will play in AUB’s Assembly Hall and will be accompanied by members of Postcards, Loopstache and Safar. The lighting will be taken care off by light designer Alaa Minawi.

To quote the events’ organizers:

“With two best-selling CDs under its belt, Adonis has contributed in shaping the region’s contemporary pop landscape, forging a distinct signature sound, and performing at the most prestigious venues and festivals in Lebanon and across the Arab World. The boys behind ‘Stouh Adonis’ and the ‘Jararang’ song will perform favorites from their repertoire, and throw in a few covers as well.”

As for the importance of LeMSIC’s annual World AIDS Day:

“LeMSIC annual World AIDS Day aims at funding expensive tests (CD4 counts) done by HIV-positive patients to determine appropriate treatment and disease progression, yet are neither covered by insurance companies nor NSSF. This year’s SCORA campaign highlights the importance of getting tested periodically, with “Don’t test your luck, test yourself” as its main slogan.”

Adonis World AIDS Day
From Right to Left:
“No to Waiting, No to Fear, No to Hesitating”

Let’s face it. People living with HIV endure a myriad of social stigmas that forces them to stay silent about their condition and not seek the appropriate treatment. From “she must be a slut” to “he must be gay (and a slut)”, we don’t make things any easier. I won’t pretend to understand what it feels like to be HIV positive. I’m sure it can range from accepting it and “moving on” to it being a daily nightmare. But what I am sure about is that social support is essential.

See you all there.

You can find Adonis on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find me on Twitter @JoeyAyoub

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