List of Recycling Centers in Lebanon

TERRE Liban proposes a 3-system method of recycling: Paper & Cartons, Organics, Non-Organics (Source)
TERRE Liban proposes an easy 3-system method of recycling: Paper & Cartons, Organics, Non-Organics (Source)

Now that Lebanon’s trash crisis is under the spotlight, I want to take advantage of the momentum to remind everyone of easy ways to recycle. For those who were wondering, L’Orient Le Jour published this really useful guide which I’ve taken the liberty to copy below.

I am currently preparing an article explaining the situation in a (hopefully) comprehensive manner. It will be published in a few days.

We are still protesting and organizing the movement that we have called “طلعت ريحتكم” (‘You Stink’). A large protest is currently being organized and we are working closely with NGOs and Municipalities to solve what the government has failed to do: working to implement recycling programs throughout Lebanon in coordination with small and large businesses, households, schools, hospitals and, most importantly, municipalities.

We need to end Sukleen’s monopoly on Lebanon’s trash disposal situation and allow Municipalities to regain their autonomy. So far, several municipalities have responded positively to this message including Joun (جون), Qoubbei (قبيع), Roumieh (رومية) and many others.

Here’s a Kalam Ennass (كلام الناس) report on Roumieh’s story.

We must all pressure our municipalities to do the same. It is very simple, straightforward and would solve a significant part of our environmental and health problems. Our government is structurally incapable of dealing with such a situation (or any, for that matter) and we cannot wait and risk our lives and the wellbeing of our environment while they prove their uselessness over and over again.

The government will never find a solution because the loosely organized group of warlords governing us have never looked for one. If we wait any longer, people you know might literally pay it with their lives. This is no exaggeration, nor is it a joke. The health hazard posed by having the concentration of our waste in our vicinity is extremely serious.

If you’re involved in success stories, please share them here or on the Facebook page (with photos/videos preferably) so that we can share them. It is realistically possible, and morally necessary, that we continue on the path towards complete sustainability.

Here’s the list. If any of these aren’t responsive, I’ll add the info. If you have more names, please let me know.

Papers (ورق)

  • Terre Liban – Baabda: 05/923060
  • Arc-En-Ciel – Sin El Fil: 01/495561/5
  • L’Ecoute – Beirut : 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Zero Waste Act – 01381381/03508108
  • Paula Abdel Hak – ACT – Rabieh, Kornet Chehwane, Bayyada, Raboue: 03/225557
  • Uber – Phone App
  • Unipack Tissue Mill – Halat: 09/478911 (1 feedback, not responsive)
  • Lebanese Cardboard Corporation – Wadi Chahrour: 05/940248 – 05/940403
  • Sicomo – Qab Elias, Bekaa: 08/500550
  • Mimosa – Zahleh, Qaa El Rim – 06/401876/7 – 08/823600
  • Sipco – Kfarshima – 05/433553

Plastique (بلاستيك)

  • Terre Liban – Baabda: 05/923060
  • Arc-En-Ciel – Sin El Fil: 01/495561/5
  • L’Ecoute – Beirut : 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Zero Waste Act – 01381381/03508108
  • Paula Abdel Hak – ACT – Rabieh, Kornet Chehwane, Bayyada, Raboue: 03/225557
  • Uber – Phone App
  • Plast Wood – Sin El Fil: 01/491152
  • Lebanese Recycling Works – Roumieh: 01/809383
  • Kilzi – Jdeideh Fanar: 01/872133/4/5
  • Alpha Plast – Bourj El Barajneh: 03/750290
  • Lefico – Sarhin, Bekaa: 08/9/212222
  • Mazar Plast – Qab Elias: 08/5/006883
  • Yaza Plast  – Ain Baal, Tyr/Sour: 03/282780
  • Asia Plast – Tyr/Sour: 03/745000
  • Yehya Hariri – Saida: 07/190732
  • Plastic South – Zahrani Saida: 03/433310
  • Plastic Chim – Zahrani Saida: 07/223535 – 03/337788
  • Publitex – Chouf: 03/607678

Raw Materials (مواد أولية) and Metals (معادن)

  • L’Ecoute – Beirut : 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Paula Abdel Hak – ACT – Rabieh, Kornet Chehwane, Bayyada, Raboue: 03/225557
  • Uber – Phone App
  • Runwaste – Jnah: 03/901251
  • Charmtal – Chatila, Beirut: 01/823675
  • Mohammad Tawil – Choueifat: 05/482090
  • Abou Ahmad El-Achhab & Hanine – Riyak, Baalbek: 03/201324
  • Ahmad Khalife – Saida: 07/222106 – 03/234514
  • Aluxal – Chouefait: 05/480406/7/8
  • Al Araibi – Taanayel, Zahleh: 08/510194
  • Lebanese Company for Raw Materials – Baddawi, Tripoli: 03/281434

Glass (زجاج)

  • Terre Liban – Baabda: 05/923060
  • L’Ecoute – Beirut : 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Paula Abdel Hak – ACT – Rabieh, Kornet Chehwane, Bayyada, Raboue: 03/225557
  • Soliver – Choueifat: 05/803903
  • United Glass – Tripoli: 06/389107
  • Al Zoujaj Al Yadawi – Sarafan, Saida: 03/906091

Wheels (دولاب)

  • MEPS – Beirut: 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Unipack Tissue Mill – Halat: 09/478911 (1 feedback, not responsive)

Electronic Waste (نفايات الإلكترونية) and Batteries (بطاريات)

  • L’Ecoute – Beirut : 70/391908 – 03/655386
  • Paula Abdel Hak – ACT – Rabieh, Kornet Chehwane, Bayyada, Raboue: 03/225557
  • Beeatouna – Dora: 01/249653 – 71/974751

36 thoughts on “List of Recycling Centers in Lebanon

  1. my friends and I contacted Unipack mills, they were not responsive as we thought they would be to household items, they said they receive from the big companies and they only deal with them….so i do hope the rest of the list has people who are actually working on this level too…helping the people not just the big companies….

      1. Hello, I’m running a recycling company called Recycle Beirut, thanks for adding us on the list, you can check for more info, we recycle paper, cardboard, metal, Plastic, glass and batteries. Thank you

        1. hi we are a company in beirut and we are interested in recycling paper…please provide me with more information about your company

        2. HI. your company is a great idea but too expensive just to pick up recycling! it does not motivate us to recycle. more expensive than taxi.

  2. We do take paper that will be transformed into egg trays (The grey thing when you get your eggs) that’s us..

    So give us a call

    1. Kindly advise at what cost you buy paper

      & what is the minimum quantity

      your fast reply is highly appreciated

  3. I like how you said it’s important for our municipalities to push for recycling regulations in their respective cities. My grandparents lived in a city where recycling was provided for them, and they made really easy for them to do it. The result was that city was able to reduce waste by about 35% within the first few years of implementation. I’ll have to show this to them. Thanks!

  4. Why do we have to pay to recycle I mean trash is gold! Most companies don’t offer any pick up services, so you have to waste your money, gas & time on our very fun roads ( not to forget fill your car up with trash bags) & drive all the way drop them off. ( I’m not sure which Co pay for your trash).

    Plus most Co don’t recycle everything, so your are going to have to visit a couple of them per month ( pathetic).

    They focus on bigger companies because that is where the money is (volume of trash), picking up from individuals is a waste of time & gas, not to forget trucks and employees.

    3eshtom wa 3asha loubnan!!

    1. AUB’s engineering department collects batteries. It might not be anywhere near you but you can try to drop them off in the assigned locations at AUB and AUBMC.

  5. Thank you Joey. Of course we must identify every single recycler in Lebanon. Of course we must find out WHAT he recycles, HOW MUCH he recycles every day, HOW MUCH IT COSTS HIM to recycle it, WHETHER IT IS PROFITABLE for him to do so, WHETHER he is working at full capacity, or not?WHETHER HE IS ABLE TO SELL HIS RECYCLED PRODUCTS? In fact that last question is probably the most important of them all..
    But, my dear Joey, we must not forget that, according to most expert reports, 60% of our waste is ORGANIC. Therefore logic prevails that we must devote 60% of our efforts to solve the organic waste disposal issue.But also, at the same time, separate AT SOURCE the organic from the recyclable waste. After 375 days we have still not understood this SIMPLE TRUTH. We keep shouting “ZERO WASTE” while we do nothing and 4,000 tons of additional waste keep accumulating daily.Does it sound logical to you?

  6. Hi

    Is there a place in Beirut where we can recycle clothes, or a place that takes unwanted clothes and gives to those in need?

    1. Dear @Mez,

      There are different associations in beirut, you can find 4 listed below:
      Societe Saint-Vincent de Paul
      Lebanese Red Cross
      Bonheur du Ciel
      Caritas Lebanon

      Here are 3 more NGO from blogbaladi :

      You can also give the fabric away to TEKAYA DESIGN (search them on fb for their contact info).

  7. Hello Joe,,Could you please update the contact Nr. and email for MEPS ( tires recycling )
    Company Name; Middle East Pyroysis System s.a.r.l
    Phone ; +971 70449825

    Joseph Aboud

  8. If the government is a “loosely organized group of warlord” then this is the root of the problem and this is what we should be working to change.
    If it is true, what you say, then who wants to invest in such a situation, being at the mercy of such people?

  9. What a wholesome piece of information on recycling in Lebanon. I honestly thought no one does any recycling in this country. The complicated question as to why these companies weren’t able to thrive and rise to the occasion and eradicate the waste issue in Lebanon, has a merely simple answer: POLITICS.
    Instead of blaming the previously known to be corrupt and forever will be group of leaders, we shall find a way around them, bingo!

  10. hi joey ! we are Recycler donation . we recycle plastic and cans located in naher ibrahim add us to the list you can find us on google maps and Instagram and Facebook

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