Elia El Khazen: A Message to Pseudo-Leftists on Syria

To anyone who has continuously and consistently, over the years, denied the existence of an uprising in Syria, this message is for you.

If you were one of those pseudo-leftists who refused to apply historical materialism on Syria stating anti-imperialism and petty geopolitics as your base for analysis all the while making sure to render Syrian people invisible in their struggle, Syrian refugees depoliticized in your protests, whitewashing the Syrian regime’s genocides in your rhetoric, making brown people incapable of agency in your discourse and dismissing the whole revolutionary process in Syria as a “quagmire you’d rather not get into” so you wouldn’t have to question your beliefs or rethink your disgusting campism or understand how your words help in vilifying and demonizing millions of people who are fighting the most vicious of regimes and the most reactionary factions history has ever seen, this message is for you.

If you found it easy to stand by the Palestine cause because “it’s the right thing to do”, and as a one-cause fundamentalist, found out recently in your enlightening politicly conscience phase, about the extent of atrocities committed by the settler colonial state that is Israel but could as easily brush off the Syrian Revolution as being “too complex” to dissect and omitted the fact that there are Palestinian camps in Syria that were, and still are, besieged by the regime and driven to literally starve because they stood firmly with the revolution and against the regime, or that Israel considers the Golan heights as the safest borders because it knows the regime will never allow any resistance to use it as a base, not now not ever. This message message is for you.

48 hours after the ceasefire in Syria was announced, thousands of Syrians went back to the streets like 5 years of barrel bombs, forced displacement, months of imposed starvation and Daech occupation didn’t affect them.

If you fail to acknowledge that more than 103 protests across the country were, and still are, demonstrating against the regime, Daech and the Nusra front and all of the above, without condemning the Syrian regime, the fascist reactionary party that is Hezbollah and the imperialist powers that are Russia, the U.S. and its minions in the region, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, you are complicit in the ongoing genocide in Syria and neither history nor the Syrian Revolution will be as forgiving as Syrian people have been until now.

Originally posted on Facebook and republished here with permission.

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