In Memory of Razan Al-Najjar

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Hayat Ghunaim, from Gaza, wrote this in memory of Razan Al-Najjar, the 21 year old medic and volunteer who was murdered by the IDF while helping evacuate wounded protesters.

On Friday 1st of June, while my family and I were preparing the Iftar table and preparing the juices, my father came from outside and said to us, “Do you know who was killed today on the borders of Gaza?” I stood up to see my father and I saw the sadness and sorrow in his eyes.

He told me that she was the nurse Razan Ashraf Najjar. I could not believe it. Yes, she was killed by the Israeli occupation while she was trying to help the wounded on the Gaza border.

Razan did not hesitate to continue her voluntary humanitarian work to save the lives of the injured for ten consecutive weeks. She was a witness to the crimes of the occupation against children, women, medical staff, journalists and unarmed civilians. The occupiers completed a new chapter in their racism and blood with his deliberate and direct targeting of the paramedic in full view of the world, a clear breach of the rules of international humanitarian law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention in a complete crime.

Although she went to relieve the wounded, she was holding her hands up and this indicates that she was not a threat to them. However, they shot and killed her and Razan died and left behind a memory of a girl who gave all in an attempt to save her homeland.

Razan will remain a symbol of sacrifice for every Palestinian and will never be forgotten.

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