PLO delegation in Syria to check on the “road to Palestine”

A delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headed on Monday for Syria to check on the resistance axis efforts to pave the “road to Palestine.”

Delegation member Wasel Abu Yusuf stated that the PLO is yearning to examine the “road to Palestine,” which the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah announced during the offensive on Zabadani.

“We are excited to check out the road. Our involvement in security coordination with Israel has made us forget what paving roads in battle fields looks like. Now that we are friends with the Syrian regime under the leadership of Doctor Assad we can both do security coordination and enjoy proximity to the resistance axis,” Abu Yusuf added.

“Construction is underway,” Syrian government spokesperson stated after a meeting with the PLO. “But we still need to barrel-bomb more Syrian towns and villages to ensure that the road to Palestine is never met with any hurdles or obstacles.”

“We learned so much from our Syrian allies,” stated Azzam al-Ahmad, head of Fatah’s Central Committee and an advocate of sanctions against besieged Gaza Strip. “Our Syrian friends taught us about their experience in starving their own communities. We might need that in our efforts to make Gaza kneel soon,” Al-Ahmad stated.

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