Enab Baladi: Citizen Chronicles of the Syrian Uprising (Free PDF)

Copies of Enab Baladi newspaper’s 45th issue among the debris of a destroyed building in the city of Daraya, rural Damascus (December 2013). Photo credit: Enab Baladi.

Hummus For Thought is pleased to announce the release of “Enab Baladi: Citizen Chronicles of the Syrian Uprising”, available as a free Enab Baladi. You can right-click and download it or just open it on your browser.

This is the result of a collaboration between Joey Ayoub and Alice Bonfatti who worked as editor and Arabic-to-English translator respectively. Georgia Hyland also worked as the proofreader. Needless to say, this project is in collaboration with Syrian citizen-journalist outlet Enab Baladi. Their website is available in English and in Arabic.

© Enab Baladi, 2019, All rights reserved.

To Enab Baladi’s Martyrs

Mohammad Anwar Kuraitem
One of Enab Baladi’s Founders
Mohammad Fares Shihadeh
Daraya Reporter
Ahmad Khaled Shihadeh
Managing Editor
Nabil Sharbaji
One of Enab Baladi’s Founders

Table of Content

Prologue: An Idea Called Daraya 7

Chapter 1: Why Enab Baladi? 13
1 – Why Enab Baladi? 15
2- I Am in This Revolution for Many Reasons 17

Chapter 2: Early Citizen Journalism from Daraya 19
1 – Daraya: Protesters and Security Forces Clash During the Friday of
Right of Self-Defence 21
2 – Daraya: Evening Demonstrations Drain Assad’s Militias 22
3 – Daraya: A Women’s Sit-in Protest for the Detainees 23
4 – Daraya: Air Force Mukhabarat Used Machine Guns and Armoured
Vehicles Against Student Demonstrations 24
5 – Mass Demonstration and Heavy Security at the “Arming
the Free Syrian Army” Friday Protest 25
6 – Daraya: Some Are Released, but Many More Arrested 26
7 – Student Demonstrations on Wednesday for the Release and
Freedom of Mohammed Sharkas 27
8 – Daraya: Near-daily Intrusions into the City by Shabbiha and
Assad’s Forces 28
9 – Our Women: Demonstration in Solidarity with Nour al-Tal 31
10 – Besieged Daraya Fears the Madaya Scenario 32

Chapter 3: The Syrian Regime: A Long History of Civil Repression 35
1 – The Syrian Regime Continues Its Policy of Systematic Killing 37
2 – The Assad Regime: Is It Looking for Legitimacy and Justification
for Its Actions? 40
3 – The Assad Regime Has Decided to Opt for Civil War! 44
4 – Between Rhetoric and Failure 47

Chapter 4: Women at the Frontline 49
1 – Women at the Heart of the Syrian Revolution 51
2 – Women at Work and Men at Home: Change of Roles Strikes
a Hard Blow to Traditional Customs 54
3 – Women Fear Arrest: Assad’s Attempt to Suppress Their Voices 58
4 – Aleppo’s “Little Women” 59
5 – Women Held Captive in Syria: Weapons of War and Terror 62
6 – You Can Never Besiege My Mind! 64
7 – In the Grips of Extremism: Syrian Women Forced into Slavery
in Deir ez-Zor 66
8 – Wives Separated From Their Detained or Missing Husbands:
Society Forbids What Shari’a Law Permits 69
9 – Little Openness Towards Women Working in
Opposition-Controlled Areas 78
10 – Syrian Activists Taking off Their Veil: Revolution or Escape? 86
11 – Spouses, Friends and Families Divided as Struggles of
War Reshape Bonds 90
12 – What You Don’t Know About Female Journalists’ Personal
Lives Inside Syria 94
13 – Syrian Breast Cancer Patients Suffer Twice as Much During War 96

Chapter 5: Detainees and Stories from Syria’s Prisons 99
1 – On the Brink of Anticipation 101
2 – The Women’s Section of Adra Central Prison: Torture of a
Different Kind 103
3 – Rasha Sharbaji: The Story of Detainee Number 714 106
4- ‘Nobody’’s Family… Memories of a Political Prisoner 109
5 – Documenting Darkness: Stepping Inside Syrian Prisons 111
6 – Branch 215’s Gargamel: The Military Security Officer in Damascus 119

Chapter 6: Violent Conflict 121
1 – Commander of the Martyrs of Islam Brigade to Enab Baladi:
“We Have no Choice but to Sacrifice Everything” 123
2 – Abu Salmu: Commander of Osod al-Tawhid Battalion in
Daraya in Conversation with Enab Baladi 129
3 – 32nd Anniversary of Hama Massacre: Facts and Testimonies
Aabout One of the Most Brutal Contemporary Massacres 134
4 – From Damascus: This is Sparta! 136
5 – “The End of Aleppo”: The Reasons Behind the Defeat and its
Potential Consequences 140
6 – A Year After the Collapse of Aleppo, What Has Changed? 151

Chapter 7: Local Councils: Unique Examples of Self-Organisation 161
1 – Does Local Media Promote Hatred Between Arabs and
Kurds in Syria? 163
2 – Arabs, Kurds, and the Social Ties That Overcome Political Conflicts 174
3 – Local Councils in Syria, Affiliation and Mechanisms: An Interview with
Osama Natoof, Head of the Local Council of Rif Dimashq Governorate 181

Chapter 8: Refugees and Forced Displacement 185
1 – The Syrians Who Have Not Died Yet 187
2 – The Change of Priorities among Syrian Revolutionary Activists:
From Ghouta to Germany 189
3 – Car Parks for the Displaced in Damascus 194
4 – How Will Daraya’s Children in the Camps Complete Their Education? 198
5 – Discouraging Refugees from Staying: How Lebanon is
Forcing Syrians to Leave 199
6 – Syrian Refugees Are Forced to Buy the Worst and Most
Expensive Passport in the World 206
7 – Syrians Change Their Names to Obtain Turkish Nationality 209
8 – 750 Syrian Minors Married to Foreigners from Nine Nationalities in 212
9 – Countless People Commemorate Syrian Dancer Hassan
Rabeh Following His Suicide 213
10 – “Baynetna”: An Arabic Library Opens in Berlin 215
11 – Hamish: A Cultural House for the Syrian Community in Istanbul 216

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  1. Hi Joey,

    Thank you for sharing the PDF version but was wondering how I could buy a paperback copy of this book?

    Thank you


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