Brilliant Egyptian Kid

This video has gone viral on Arab social media and no question as to why. It shows a street interview with a kid who display more in-depth understanding than most people twice and thrice his age. Watch it, have that “faith in humanity restored” smile on your face and hope that this kid’s intelligence is echoed by enough Egyptians to help Umm el Dunia survive these troubled times.

41 thoughts on “Brilliant Egyptian Kid

    1. What I can say is this young man used his grey material, which is a gift of The Almighty, sees how the Egyptians are being manipulated by certain classes in the population for their own benefit.

  1. Let’s hope he is gifted with a long and healthy life, however I am doubtful as long as he stays in Egypt. He is probably already on someone’s radar for removal. Save this kid and his family! Bring him to the USA to protect his life.

        1. USA is far from being a perfect country. But living conditions sure are better than in Egypt, Venezuela, and countries like that.

      1. I think what they meant was that he could get killed expresses his feelings there. The U.S. is far from perfect but there is a thing called “free speech” here. 🙂

    1. Lol yeah right bring him to America !
      And what?
      Live the American dream?
      Yeah sure you have to be asleep to live it.

    2. Oh yeah, the USA is loads better for that whole separation of church and state thing. American politicians never try to use religion to justify oppressive laws!

  2. Astonishing. That boy’s intelligence intimidates me. I hope his brilliance doesn’t attract the attention of the life-deniers. Egypt needs his talent, but those who believe their role in life is to abase themselves before priests and ikons will hate him.

    My heart goes out to Egypt, where children speak the truth to power. As my old god-fearing grandmother used to say: Lord preserve and protect him.

  3. Minister Gove should get philosophy and talking about issues on the curriculum for little kids here too! And Get British school teachers to show this film to British kids of same age. Teachers in UK rarely talk to kids of this age with respect and wisdom – as equals – as kids would be given the chance and if asked for opinions. UK schooling It is chiefly about the bloody tie and school uniform… and wangling the league tables for a few gcses, or patronising them or giving detentions etc for ridiculous reasons…. with not much to show for any of it! by 16. I mean, after 11 years full time school they should be able to have opinions and speak this clearly at least. Is he about 13 or 14? I like his hairstyle…. haha

    1. The boy is not typical of most children. He’s not even typical of most adults – this is what makes him so exceptional. Reforming education in the West won’t produce more children like the boy featured in the video. I believe he really is self-taught – his responses weren’t rehearsed or regurgitated. They were the replies of a boy who actually knew what he was talking about – he understood what the abstract terms meant, and could apply them, correctly, to the real world. He reminds me of some of the great French post-war intellectuals – people like Sartre, Camus, de Beauvoir, Malraux. I don’t mean he’s their equal – that would be ridiculous. I simply mean that his mind uses its intellect to analyse society in an intelligent and critical way with an aim to improving it. Clearly, after two years of mixing with the protestors, listening to them argue among themselves, he’s emerged (literally) from the university of life with a stellar degree. I honestly hope he gets the chance to apply his rare mind to the seemingly insoluble problems faced by Egypt at present. Civil war looms in that tragic country. If it’s to have any chance at a peaceable, prosperous future, great men and women will have to mediate effectively between two irreconcilable groups with no reason to trust each other and no desire to strike a compromise. Both sides want a world in which the other can’t breathe. The stage seems set for a terrible dĂ©nouement.

      1. I do think that ordinary school does not encourage philosophical thinking and speaking. teachers can be patronising or worse sarcastic if a kid pipes up with ideas. I was that kid in Catholic school. I remember trying to argue about the unfairness of ‘limbo for babies’. This Pope has just admitted it was a nonsense 50 years after my ‘childish’ opnion… lol as they say.

  4. No one has mentioned his courage. If he is able to understand his country’s politics – he understands the risk he has taken. He has my admiration and prayers.

  5. What happened in Egypt Ahmat made ​​me fear for the fate of the people there and I was when I heard this child I realized that God unforgettable slaves in this miracle

  6. Just too bad the kid didn’t study Islam more closely. These “extremist regulations in the name of religion – even though religion doesn’t command that” are indeed commanded by Islam. You find it in the Quran and the ahadith. And anyone who can’t read a religious text can just look at the example set by “perfect man” Mohammad. He was a warlord, a bigot and a misogynist par excellence. Just like the warlords, bigots and misogynists still ruling the Arab world today. The problem is not misuse of religion. The problem is Islam.

  7. What he says is amazing but it is sad to hear these comments coming from a kid. A kid should talk like a kid.

  8. I guess we’ll have to take it for granted that the subtitles are the actual words he’s speaking. As for his message, if it’s real that’s great–especially the part where he’s against discipline of wives. Yeah, that should stop and really should never have been — that’s called primitive and ignorant.

  9. I am Egyptian and live abroad now. I said something similar but not that eloquent at 12 and a Muslim teacher broke my arm in class.
    I hope that kid survives.

  10. Reblogged this on Blueberry Girls MIRACLE and commented:
    This isn’t about agriculture or food forests or our campaign and whatnot, but the thing is that everything’s connected, and the brilliance and eloquence of this little kid has a positive effect on the world and at the end of the day, that’s really my ultimate goal: a positive effect.

    So here, as the original post on Hummus For Thought says, “Watch it, have that ‘faith in humanity restored’ smile on your face and hope that this kid’s intelligence is echoed” by *everybody.* :>

  11. that kid is beyond brilliant: he’s also compassionate and questions authority – wonderful/dangerous traits. I fear for him

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