Relaunching Humans of Lebanon

Yalla, here we go again.

We took a little break, but now Humans of Lebanon is back.

About 16 months ago, Mher Krikorian and I decided to join the ‘Humans Of’ movement by adding our own little jewel that is Lebanon. After a very intense debate that lasted 9 seconds, “Humans of Lebanon” was born.

We currently have 217 photos, with an average of one photo posted every 2 or 3 days.

Largely inspired by Brandon Stanton’s fantastically uplifting “Humans of New York“, Humans of Lebanon aims to capture Lebanon in all its beauty and diversity by showing you its inhabitants.

Humans of Lebanon, Shatila Camp
Photo by Karim Sakr
Designed by Tala Sharafeddine
Taken at Shatila Refugee Camp

The Team

We are a collective of dozens of photographers (and growing), 3 administrators/photographers and, so far, 200+ humans who are participating in this project. 

Unlike most “Humans Of”s, we are covering a whole country. And so we decided to accept contributions from other photographers, whether amateur or professional, to try and represent as many parts of Lebanon as possible. What started off as a handful of photographers participating ended up covering slightly less than half of our total contributions. One of our most active contributors, Karim Sakr, ended up joining the administrative team – he’s awesome.

What We’re Looking For

If you have a shot of a Falafel seller in Bourj Hammoud,

or a Filipino or a Syrian or an Ethiopian worker on her/his Sunday break in Hamra,

or an old couple on their balcony in Beit Merry,

or a man walking his dog in Dbayeh,

or a fisherman fishing off the coast of Tripoli,

or a young couple walking in Raouche,

or a ski-fanatic getting back from his daily routine in Faraya,

or a farmer working in the Bekaa valley

or anyone doing anything memorable anywhere in Lebanon,

send it to

with a story, location and your name. 

Please, No Watermarks. We will credit you.

A Big Thank You

We want to thank our contributors so far, in no real order (with links to one of their photos):

Farah Cheaib, Ruth Moucharafieh, Emily Sarsam, Aso Garvanian, Ahmad Sheqairat, Elias Mefleh, Ahmad Kassem, Nader Moussally, Fadi Bou Karam, Maha JaafarJunaline Bañez-Moussi, Tarek M Chalhoub, Lindsay Leigh, May Tamim, Nidal Nasr, Wael Elhajj, Rita Saadeh, Halim Inna, Rami Hajj, Nareg D.B, Nadim Kamel, Also Garvania, Tatiana Saade, Khaled Halwani, Loryne Atoui, Elias Mefleh, Sarah Habli, Waed S H Moussa, Jennifer Romanos, Soha Menassa, Beirut Driveby Shooting, Khaled Halwani, Fayssal Yatim, Liliane N. Assaf, Markku Valtanen, Michel Al Hilani, Habib Rahmeh, Roy Saade, Jeff Gibbs, Sandra Arslanian, Joy Younan, Tugce Coskun, Alec Karakashian, Lori Yapoudjin, Claire Patard, Krystel AK, Rim Rafei, Mazen Atwi, Ghina El Hachem, Vivecca Chatila, Ziad Naboulsi, Antoine Salloum, Chirine Nahas, Soha Menassa, Sahar Ghandour Assah, Tanya Traboulsi, Philippine Jardin, Emilie Houwat, Samah Slim and Tanya Awad Ghorra.

And of course all those who have liked and shared our photos.

… And One Last Thing

We do not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. We want to represent all of Lebanon’s Humans with no exceptions.

I try and share interesting things on Twitter, 
so you can follow me if you want. Cheers!

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