The Eclipse and the Girl

I leaf art the eclipse and the girl

I spotted this gorgeous piece of art by I Leaf Art and couldn’t help sharing it.

The community of artists, better known as I Leaf Art, have really outdone themselves this time with this gorgeous art piece inside the Home of Hope institute for homeless children. Located in the girls’ dorms, it was named it, quite appropriately, The Eclipse and the Girl by the girls themselves. It took the awesome team 5 hours to make this.

The Eclipse and the Girl, I Leaf Art

You can check out I Leaf Art‘s work on their blog as well as their Facebook page. And even though Home of Hope is in the process of rebuilding their site, you can follow them on Facebook.

I try and share interesting things on Twitter, 
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3 thoughts on “The Eclipse and the Girl

  1. I was truly touched by your gesture Joey! Thank you for your perceptive words and for completing our mission by spreading Art, Love and Humanity! Much leaf to you… Go to our blog, a lot of surprises await you 🙂

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