AUB Elections in 3 minutes

AUB’s secular club, of which I’m a proud former member, has just released this interesting 3 minutes video of how the AUB election system work. It is a must for all those considering voting for an actual change.

I’ve grown sick and tired of the political crap that invades our campus every year. The hatred and mind-boggling idiocy that harasses students into leaning towards one not-so-discreet sectarian group or the other is all that we’ve grown used to, a situation which has left most of us simply indifferent to how the system works. We deserve much more than that.

I may not be an AUB student anymore but that green haven in the midst of pure colorless ugliness was my home for 3 years. And I do care about what happens to its students. I’m not asking you to vote for the Secular club. You can vote for whatever group or person you wish to vote for. All I’m asking is for you to consider the platform of the person you want to vote for, rather than his/her political affiliation or how far he/she can stretch that fake smile.

“Welcome to the annual carnival where might makes right. Where the political parties flaunt their popularities. If you are not affiliated with any of them, they will try and seduce you with food, stress balls, and sometimes maybe actual platforms. Don’t forget to check the results on the 8  o’clock news, and make sure you’re watching the correct channel that would provide you with the bias information you want to hear.”

A big thank you to Joanna Zeenny who designed the video, and to May Adra who sent it to me.

You can find out more about the AUB Secular Club on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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