“Your Right to Self Care” video by the Marsa Sexual Health Center

The Marsa Sexual Health Center released a video in which they asked over 20 women living in Lebanon intimate questions about their perception of their body and their relationship with it.

Located in Hamra, Marsa Sexual Health Center has one primary goal: “to provide social, psychological, and medical services to all sexually active individuals in Lebanon regardless of gender, age, and sexual orientation in complete confidentiality.” It offers free HIV, Hepatitis B & C testing for everyone, medical consults & follow-ups for STIs as well as psychological & social counseling.

My 500LL:

In our patriarchal society, Lebanese women are still restricted by ‘moral’ guidelines that are rarely, if ever, applied to men. They’re expected to pretend as though their sexuality comes second because, as usual, a man’s sexual needs come first. Patriarchy essentially demands that a woman’s vagina be kept hidden from all thoughts. She doesn’t really own it. It belongs to Society, Religion and Men, which are often one and the same thing. That she might actually dare to seek pleasure is unacceptable and worthy of disrespect of the lower kind. Let her dare affirm her own sexuality and she’ll be rewarded with good ol’ slut-shaming – which is an actual term in sexuality studies. This, I’m sure you’ll agree, cannot go on. Many Lebanese men aren’t sexists, it’s true, but we all live in a patriarchal society where men of the cloth, men in power and men at home get to enjoy a double standard which almost always punishes women disproportionately.

Video Credits

Director – Rémie Maksoud
Assistant Director – Stephanie Sotiry
Cinematographer – Muriel Aboulrouss
Camera Assistant – Rachelle Noja
Sound – Sarah Kaskas
Make-up Artist – Joanna Kamar
Producer – Denise Jabbour
Editor – Liliane Hanbali
Colorist – Khalil Aboulrouss
Post Production Facilities – Wahm Productions
Grading – Lilapost

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2 thoughts on ““Your Right to Self Care” video by the Marsa Sexual Health Center

  1. I was raised in Canada by Lebanese parents. My talk about the birds and the bees was death before shame. My parents told me a story about a boy and a girl who liked each other and one day she jumped off the side of a mountain instead of bringing shame to her family. hmmm

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