FADE IN:, the Lebanese Cinema Studies Company


FADE IN: is a Lebanese Cinema Studies Company whose mission is “to help artists express themselves through motion-picture and writing”.

How did it start?

“I’ve lived in the United States for most of my life and decided to move back 3 years ago because I wanted to make movies from my home country,” Nadia Tabbara, FADE IN:‘s founder, told me. “I wanted to share my knowledge of screen-writing and film-making (that had effectively changed my creative life) with aspiring artists in Lebanon; to share with others the joy of writing films and to cultivate an appreciation for the craft of movie-making”

Tabbara started giving workshops 3 years ago in her living room and then, 2 years later, started using AltCity, Hamra. And that’s how FADE IN: was born. “Fade In are the first two words of every screenplay” we’re told on their website, “the first two words of the rest of your story, the key that will start you on making your own movie.” As to who gets to join them, the answer is pretty much anyone who wants to. “All Levels are welcome, because in creativity, there are no beginners”

What’s their goal?

“Our goal is simply to take over the world. I want to build an army of creative people to set the new standard in Lebanese cinema and become the next generation of storytellers.”

Who are they trying to reach?

“We’re trying to reach anyone who has ever wanted to write a movie. Anyone who has ever dreamed of making a film but was told that it’s impossible, or that it’s not the right career move.  Telling stories through movies is a creative form of expression and it should be available to everyone who wants it.  Also, we support professionals with one-on-one consultations on screenplays or edits. ” 

Some of the things they’ve done

At the moment of writing, their YouTube channel counts 22 videos, the most popular among which is “Good Things Come in Threes” by Tifa, Loulwa and Suzanne, shot and edited in 5 days.

Furthermore, Tabbara tells us: “we have already shot one independent short film, written by myself, that is in post-production and we’ve done several videos for online use for clients around Lebanon.”

What are the next steps?

“We’re currently starting our Production arm. We’re prepping to shoot our first Comedy web-series entitled “Mshar2at” with the online distribution company Cinemoz. As for our one-year-old education arm, the next step in the coming year is to begin researching the process of expansion. Advanced students are being trained to teach so that we can offer more classes (especially in screen-writing) for our growing demand.  Our long-term plan is to expand FADE IN: to the rest of the MENA region. 


You can follow FADE IN: on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and LinkedIn. They are celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow, Friday the 25th of April, at AltCity. You can RSVP here.

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