HFT Newsletter #8

Book of the Month

This month’s recommendation is multiple books in a single collection: The Complete Works of Primo Levi.

I got this collection in a bookshop in London which was on my daily route between the dorms I was staying in and SOAS. The bookshop is called Judd Books on 82 Marchmont Street, London. I got it for pretty cheap (I think it was £20) back in 2016 and it traveled with my partner and I through the cities we lived in until finding its place in the library in Geneva.

This is an incredible collection edited by Ann Goldstein, with multiple translators, and with an introduction by Toni Morrison.

I’m halfway through the first book now which includes If This is a Man and The Truce, arguably Primo Levi’s most famous books.

Ps: Lina Mounzer spoke about her love of Primo Levi in our chat on the podcast last year. Lina’s going to be a guest again soon (alongside Timour Azhari, also a previous guest) to discuss the legacy of the 1915-1918 Great Famine of Lebanon.

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