The Syrian Revolution is facing the gravest dangers in the nearly six years of its existence. Putin and Assad have unleashed industrial carnage on Aleppo on a scale unseen since the last inter-imperialist world war. Obama has locked-in the U.S.’s role as a partner in this genocidal onslaught by stepping up strikes against JFS (the […]

On Saturday October 29th, 2016, Leila Al Shami and Robin Yassin Kassab, authors of the book ‘Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War’, were invited by the London Anarchist Book Fair to give a talk on Syria. As Leila wrote yesterday night, they “had in particular wanted to focus on anti-authoritarian struggles, self-organization as well as issues of militarism, sectarianism and the rise of Islamist extremist groups.” Shortly before speaking, Robin told me that some people were going around the book fair saying that ‘a pro-Jihadi Syrian nationalist fascist’ was going to give a talk and that he must be prevented from doing so. We laughed it off.

Between August 20 and August 25, 2012, hundreds of women, men and children were rounded up and killed in cold blood by regime forces in the liberated city of Daraya. To this day, it remains one of the worst massacres perpetrated in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in March of 2011. The Wikipedia entry for this massacre portrays the responsibility […]

We, the undersigned Palestinians, write to affirm our commitment to the amplification of Syrian voices as they endure slaughter and displacement at the hands of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. We are motivated by our deep belief that oppression, in all of its manifestations, should be the primary concern of anyone committed to our collective liberation. Our […]