4th Annual Cabriolet Film Festival: Lebanese and International Short Films

Today at 8pm. Gemmayze St Nicholas Stairs 
For more info, check out their page.

The Program:


Joey‘s Pick for Day 1:

Na wewe – Ivan Goldschmit – Belgium – 18:52 min

Nice short story about the complexity of identity. A minivan transporting citizens of Burundi is stopped by a band of Hutu rebels who force them out and yells at them “Hutus to the left, Tutsi to the right!”. We are soon led into a semi-comical semi-tragic confrontation where the Hutu leader tries desperately to find a “Snake of a Tutsi” among the minivan passengers. The movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.






Memoria – Joanna Jarjoura – Lebanon – 15:21 min

A tragic story about an old woman suffering from Alzheimer who still sees herself as a young woman. The main protagonist, brilliantly played by Nada Abou Farhat, is shown alternating between her young self – Nada’s character – and her old and present self. We see her waiting for something, the meaning of which she doesn’t really grasp. Altogether this is a very touching piece.







This is not real – Gergel Y Wootsch – UK 06:30 min

Described as ” A young boy’s chimerical journey from a small English town that leads him to an all-defining conclusion.”, This is not real is an intense animation that is easy to appreciate and thought provoking.







Mirroring – Marinus Groothof – Netherland – 10:26 min

I don’t really know how to describe this short movie. It is both amusing to watch and thrilling with one character constantly changing between some sort of two worlds while dancing with a mysterious woman who comes and goes. This short movie won the Golden Medal for best animated, short or experimental film at the 59th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.






Gamba Trista – Marco Zanoni and Andrea Vanzo – Italy – 08:00. You can watch it here

This is definitely my favorite one and the festival did well to leave it for last. Gamba Trista is an adorable story about a boy who is born with rubber-like legs, a condition which has led to his unusually strengthened hands, and being bullied in school. He desperately want to impress this girl, Rose, and doesn’t really know how to. I won’t spoil the rest, you can watch it by clicking on the link above. I really advise you to do so, I’m sure you’ll love it.


Joey‘s Pick for Day 2:

Borderline – Dustin Rees – Switzerland – 7:23 min

This short animation tells the story of perhaps the unluckiest man alive. He is in a deep depression and just wants to commit suicide. Unfortunately, being as I said the unluckiest man alive, he always fails. It is very funny and yet quite sad at the same time.






Guang – Quck Shio Chian – Malaysia – 14:00 min

This was by far my favorite movie. It tells the story of an autistic young man, Guang, living with his brother who is trying to find a job to help pay rent. We soon find out that Guang has an amazing artistic talent.

Watch Here: Guang






Saida – Michael Abi Khalil – Lebanon – 17:30 min

Well, I was hoping for a racism in Lebanon-related movie and I was rewarded. This very real story tells us of a former Filipino worker, Lee-Zaida, who has married her previous ‘owner’ (that is the correct usage of the word ‘owner’ under Lebanon’s current Kafala System). It shows the local villagers’ different reactions (mostly negative and racist) vis-a-vis this woman, nicknamed ‘Sayda’ and it is very interesting to note the prevalent and open racism that is accepted when directed towards Asians or Africans in Lebanon.






The Postmodern Existence of Himbilgil – Emre Aluç – Turkey – 13:00 min

Just hilarious.









To Baalbeck – Samir Syriani – Lebanon – 21:07 min

 Well, a couple wants to go to Baalbeck. That’s the main story but the film takes us into a nice, funny and pleasant journey before the end.










Sugar – Jeroen Annokkee – Netherland – 12 min

A guy accidentally (probably) kills a woman and tries to hide the fake evidence that points towards him being the murderer. Hilarious.







Crazy Diamond – Collin Poston & Hanny Lee- USA – 10:00 min

Very touching story about a man who dares to dream.








His name is a long story – Christy Whaibe – Lebanon – 13:30 min

Extremely funny short movie about a kid who suffers from having a very long name.








When War Finally Sank In – Roger Nasr & Fady Yeny Turk – Lebanon – 20:oo min

Two men who fought on the opposite sides of the Lebanese Civil War tell us a tale of absurdity and delusion-breaking reality.








Skoon – Jad Beyrouthy – Lebanon – 12:00 min

A man gets stuck in the middle of nowhere after his car breaks down. He looks for someone to help him and ends up speaking riddles with an old man by a train station.







Blue Line- Alain Sauma – France – 20:00 min

By far the best movie of Day 3. Blue Line tells the story of a tensed event happening on the Israeli-Lebanese border. A Lebanese child loses his cow who crosses the Blue Line and dares not get her back. One of the UNIFIL officers, a religious man from India, sets out to help him by trying to stop the Israeli soldiers who are confused about the whole situation from shooting. It is a very emotional story and shows how far human solidarity can go despite national borders.

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